Things to See & Do in London This Festive Season

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Things to See & Do in London This Festive Season
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If you want to experience that true festive season feeling, London is the place to be. And this goes for absolutely everyone, regardless of what you’re into. Whether it’s ice skating, experiencing sets from popular movies if they were filmed in the winter, delicious food & hot drinks, or listening to loud music – London has it all.

To help you get a clearer image of what’s about to go down during the festive season in London, read this article until the very end. We have some recommendations that you can’t miss out on (number two is our favourite one).

Shreks Adventure

The first must-visit attraction in London during the festive season is Shrek’s Adventure. It’s a great place where you, your family, or friends can immerse yourselves in the whimsical universe that has been inspired by the Shrek film series.

Shrek’s Adventure offers interactive experiences that take visitors on a journey filled with laughter, captivating storytelling, and enchanting characters from the movies that we all know.

From meeting Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey to navigating through Shrek’s swamp – you and your loved ones will get to experience all that and more first-hand. Although Shreks Adventure is open throughout the year, it’s particularly worth it if you visit during the festive season. This time of year brings an extra layer of magic, with holiday-themed decorations, celebrations, and special events.

The festivities at Shrek’s Adventure begin on the 2nd of December and end on the 24th of December – right before Christmas Day. Ticket prices vary, but typically cost anywhere from £24 to £34 per person.

Winter Wonderland

During the festive season, London’s most popular green area, Hyde Park transforms into a mesmerising wonderland offering its visitors a spectacular array of activities and attractions. Once inside, you’ll come across thrilling amusement rides, dazzling light displays, live performances, festive food and drink markets, ice rinks, and a whole lot more.

It’s truly the place to be if you’re looking for an enclosed area where you can experience a little bit of everything that London has to offer during the festive season. Before you head down to Hyde Park, make sure to reserve your slots. During the off-peak times, it’ll be free, but during peak times, there is an entry fee, which varies between £5 to £7.50 per person. Each booking slot lasts for two hours.

Kingdom of Winter

During our research for this article, we came across the Kingdom of Winter at ExCeL in London, and we were shocked at the sheer number of festive activities that are happening in this part of town, all under one roof.

Kingdom of Winter is the only festive indoor experience designed with all the convenience your family needs for the perfect day out. Once inside, you’ll get instant access to a winter-themed circus, ice skating, fairground rides, a festive market with delicious food and drink, an ice expedition trail, and a whole lot more.

Ticket prices vary but tend to start from £5.50 depending on when you go. The doors of the Kingdom of Winter open at 10 AM and don’t close until late (8 PM). And if you have young children, the good news is that under 2’s can get in for free!


Located in the heart of London, Kidzania is an educational and very dynamic entertainment spot designed exclusively for children. Kidzania offers kids an immersive experience that allows their minds to explore a city that is built to their scale with its own economy, professions, and activities.

Children can try various roles first-hand – from chefs and doctors to firefighters and journalists. It might be just the perfect spot if you’re wondering what your child is into from a very young age.

Please note that while everyone can enter the facility, only children between the ages of 4 and 14 years old will be able to make the most out of it. That said, children of all ages, even babies can visit Kidzania, they just won’t have access to the full range of activities.

Ticket prices for Kidzania vary. For adults (for those 15 or over), tickets cost £19.50. For children between 4 and 14, tickets start at £35.00. For kids between 1 and 3, tickets cost £11.50, and for kids aged 1 or less, entry is free. If you are a carer, your entry will be free as well.

Other Attractions You Should Visit in London During the Festive Season

The above are just a handful of festive attractions and things to do in London during the month of December. Some other activities and things to do that we’d highly recommend that you consider include:

  • A festive cruise on the River Thames
  • New Year’s Eve fireworks
  • Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum
  • Visit the many food and drinks markets throughout London

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