What are the Cheapest Areas to Live in Leicester?

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What are the Cheapest Areas to Live in Leicester?
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Moving to a city like Leicester may seem like it will be an expensive move. However, much like other major cities, finding the cheapest areas to live in can save you a fortune. Often, it may not even involve a massive sacrifice. It may just be a slightly longer commute or perhaps living in an area with fewer amenities. However, you’ll be pleased to know that in Leicester, this sacrifice is minimal. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of living in a city and with plenty of affordable neighbourhoods on offer. Getting around the city is relatively easy and affordable too so you can afford to consider different areas before choosing one to call home. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the cheapest areas to live in in Leicester. We have used the average property values to formulate this list. Of course, this includes property types such as flats, detached, semi-detached, and terrace houses all in one average, so it may not be as relevant to your situation. However, it will be a great starting point to allow you to understand where to find the cheapest areas in Leicester to live. 

LE1 – City Centre

Starting off with the cheapest area to live in Leicester is the city centre. Surprisingly, being in the centre of the action isn’t as expensive as you’d think. In fact, the most recent data indicates that the average property value in the LE1 postcode is £167,167. Keep in mind that in the city centre, there are fewer detached and semi-detached houses which reduced the overall average compared to other areas. 

Of course, over the recent few years, property prices have fluctuated, and the current property value is 19% higher than it was five years ago. However, living in the city centre will provide easy and convenient access to public transport so getting around won’t be an issue. 

LE5 – Hamilton, Thurnby Lodge, Evington 

The next cheapest area to live in Leicester is the LE5 area. The average property value in the area is £241,833. Surprisingly, LE5 hasn’t always been this high up for the cheapest areas to live in in Leicester. With recent fluctuations in the property market, it seems other areas have become increasingly more expensive. However, this area has remained quite steady. In fact, data suggests that the property value has only changed by 6% over the last five years. 

LE3 – Braunstone, Glenfield, New Parks

The third cheapest area to live in Leicester is the LE3 postcode. Average property prices in this area are £259,589. This is a 36% increase from five years ago. However, it still remains one of the cheaper areas to live in. There are multiple schools, supermarkets, and other useful amenities all within the area. 

LE4 – Beaumont Leys, Belgrave, Birstall

Our next cheapest area to live in Leicester is the LE4 postcode. Current house prices indicate that the average value is £260,904. This has also increased by 34% over the last five years. However, the area is packed with amenities from museums, restaurants, and schools. Additionally, with the city centre being a 10-minute car journey away, it’s a great location to live. 

LE10 – Hinckley, Burbage, Wolvey

Next up, LE10 provides another great area to live in that is also adorable. Property prices have increased much like the rest of Leicester as a whole, with the current average at £263,657. Located on the outskirts of Leicestershire, with a 25-minute car journey from Leicester city centre, LE10 offers much more greenery than other places on this list. No doubt, being a little bit further out from the city helps to keep areas like Hinckley more affordable.  

LE18 – Wigston, South Wigston, Kilby 

We’ll proceed to the next cheapest area to live, which is the LE18 postcode. Current property values indicate the average at £271,632. This is an increase of 40% from the last five years. However, with just over a 15-minute car journey to the city centre, this area is in a prime location. It is conveniently located in other areas, such as Oadby, while still maintaining cheaper living costs. 

LE19 – Narborough, Enderby, Littlethorpe

We turn our attention to LE19 next. Current property prices indicate that the average is £277,083. Depending on the area of LE19, the distance to the city centre will be between 5 to 10 miles. However, it is perfectly manageable in the car. Although, with plenty of amenities in the vicinity, there may not be much need to venture out further/ 

LE2 – Oadby, Knighton, Highfields 

Moving on, we have LE2 as our next cheapest area to live in Leicester. Average property values in the area stand at around £286,952. This is an increase of 36% over the last five years. The LE2 area, and more specifically Oadby, is quite a residential area with all the amenities that you’d expect. From great schools to great food places, there’s a lot on offer. It also helps that it is one of the more reasonably priced places in Leicester. 

LE6 – Ratby, Groby, Newton Linford

We next turn our attention to the LE6 postcode. Property prices from here on out are significantly higher. However, this is the case with many other towns and cities across the UK in the current climate. Property price averages in LE6 stand at £324,625. This is a 40% increase over the last five years, which is quite high. However, with numerous amenities in the area, it’s no surprise why the demand has increased. 

LE8 – Blaby, Great Glen, Fleckney  

Last but not least, we have LE9 as another of the cheapest areas to live in Leicester. Although, property prices here have also increased over the last few years. In fact, they have increased by 11%, which isn’t as high as others on the list. However, property prices stand at £332,327. Although property prices have remained much more stable than elsewhere, the demand for people wanting to purchase property in this area has definitely not changed.

The Best Place To Live Inexpensively in Leicester

It’s clear to see that property prices have increased significantly. So the cheapest areas to live in are definitely not as cheap as they once were. However, this is a reflection of the property market. If you’re looking to move to a cheaper area and need to sell a house fast, we can help. Here at We Buy Any Home, we can purchase property quickly and efficiently. Sometimes even in as little as seven days! Get in touch to receive your free cash offer for your new home in Leicester. 

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