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    Once you’ve accepted our valuation, we’ll get started on the paperwork. This includes arranging a solicitor to draw up a contract and having an independent valuer carry out a house survey to check our estimate. Once confirmed, you’ll get paid in as little as 1 week.

Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

Selling a buy-to-let property in Leeds

What is buy to let?

A buy-to-let property is a house bought for the sole purpose of renting to tenants to make a profit. For some landlords, these investment properties are part of a portfolio of homes in Leeds. But despite a booming rental market, buy-to-let houses are losing their appeal.

Following government changes, landlords are now facing higher upfront taxes and stricter regulations which have lowered their profits considerably. Covid-19 has also impacted the types of homes renters are seeking – notably suburban properties with gardens – leaving some city centre buy to let landlords struggling to find good tenants who want to stick around for the long term.

As a result, around a fifth of landlords across the city are looking to sell up.

Similarly, as house prices soar in Leeds, many buy-to-let owners are making the most of the profitable market. The average sale price for homes in Leeds is now £253k – that’s a 24% rise in just one year! The only problem is that tenanted properties in Leeds (currently rented out) will only appeal to other landlords, so they take longer to sell. And if you have problem tenants, buyers won’t invest until they’re evicted. So what are your options? Let’s find out…

Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

Selling A Tenanted Property in Leeds FAQ's

Yes, you can either sell your property to another buy to let landlord with the tenants in situ or provide a formal notice of eviction and sell once their notice period is up.

Can I sell a tenanted property in Leeds?

Yes, you can either sell your property to another buy to let landlord with the tenants in situ or provide a formal notice of eviction and sell once their notice period is up.

What happens if you sell a property with a tenant in situ?

If you sell your house with tenants in Leeds while their tenancy agreement still stands, the new landlord will legally have to honour the contract until it ends. The tenant will continue to live there and pay rent to the buyer.

Is it better to sell a house with or without tenants?

Selling your house with tenants in Leeds usually takes longer on the open market as the number of interested buyers will be lower than it is for vacant properties. However, with WeBuyAnyHome, it makes no difference and you’ll receive a guaranteed sale either way.

Why are houses sold with tenants?

If you’ve developed a good relationship with a long-term tenant, you may not want to evict them before selling your house in Leeds. Selling with them in situ means they get to keep their home and you won’t have to refurbish the property before listing it for sale. 

Is it easier to sell a house with tenants?

If selling to another landlord, having reliable tenants in situ will make the property more appealing. But for regular buyers, vacant houses are much more desirable. At WeBuyAnyHome, we will purchase your buy to let home either way.

How much does it cost to sell a tenanted property?

Selling a property with tenants in Leeds through WeBuyAnyHome is completely free of charge. We’ll cover all legal and conveyancing costs and the amount quoted is what you’ll receive.

How much notice do I have to give a tenant if I want to sell my house?

This will depend on the terms of the tenancy agreement in place, though you’ll generally need to give one to two months’ notice in writing if you want a tenant to vacate your home.

Can a private landlord sell the house you’re renting?

Yes, a private landlord can sell their buy to let property while you’re living in it. But if you have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, they can only sell to another landlord, which means you can continue to live there and pay the same rent until the contract expires.

Get a free cash offer for your home in Leeds

Selling a property with tenants in Leeds

If you’re looking to sell a property with tenants in Leeds, you have two options. You can either sell to another landlord who will have to abide by the existing rental agreement until it ends, or you can take legal possession of your property and sell it once the tenants have left.

Selling a house in Leeds with tenants in situ

In this case, your tenants will continue to live in the property after it is sold as per the terms of their Assured Tenancy Shorthold Agreement and they will pay rent to the new landlord. Until the fixed-term agreement expires, the buyer will have to stand by the terms of the rental agreement, which includes keeping the rent at the agreed rate and not giving tenants notice to leave until after a certain date.

However, if you need a quick and hassle-free sale, a reliable cash-buying company like We Buy Any Home is likely the best option. We buy tenanted properties across Leeds, from Morley to Scarcroft and everywhere in between. We honour tenancy agreements already in place and continue managing homes as buy-to-lets to avoid uprooting tenants unnecessarily.

Repossess the property before selling

Alternatively, you can ask your tenants to leave and legally repossess the property. Obviously, you will have to provide a certain amount of notice so your tenants can find somewhere else to live – usually one to two months. The exception to this would be if the tenant breaks the terms of the contract, for example, by not paying rent or causing damage.

How long you need to wait before selling your home will depend on the tenancy agreement, which outlines the minimum time the tenant has the right to live there. As the property must be vacant once sold, this can prolong the sales process. However, it will also make selling a property with tenants in Leeds much easier, as you’ll be able sell to a regular buyer.

We Buy Any Home will purchase your tenanted property in Leeds without viewing it first, whatever the condition. This is also ideal if you’re struggling to sell a messy student house in Headingley or Hyde Park, that you won’t be able to clean until its empty.

Assured Shorthold
Tenancy Agreement

When selling your house with a tenant in Leeds, you’ll need to factor in any existing Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Used in the private sector, this is simply a contract between you (the landlord) and the person renting your home (the tenant). It provides details of the tenancy start date, rent to be paid and when, and gives the tenant certain rights while in situ.

Most importantly, a Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement will outline the minimum duration they have the right to live in the property – typically between 6-12 months – before you can ask them to leave.

You’ll also have to provide at least 24 hours’ warning before visiting the property, as they have the right to “quiet enjoyment” while living there. And if you do decide to sell, you’ll need to provide a formal eviction notice and abide by the agreed notice period.

Depending on how long this period is and what state the house is in, some buyers may be put off purchasing your buy-to-let house in Leeds. This is where We Buy Any Home can help. With us, you can avoid having to wait and refurbish before listing your home – we will buy everything from terraces in Armley to flats in Kirkstall, whatever the age or condition.

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