Is It Still Difficult to Rent in Edinburgh?

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Is It Still Difficult to Rent in Edinburgh?
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Renting properties in large cities has long been difficult due to rising rental costs and high demand, and Edinburgh is no different. 

Find yourself in a situation where you’re struggling to rent in Edinburgh. You should find the information in this help guide useful. We’ll be exploring why the rent is so high in the Scottish capital, as well as the best time of year to rent and whether Glasgow may be a more suitable Scottish city for more affordable renting.

Is it still difficult to rent in Edinburgh?

So the big question is whether renting in Edinburgh is still difficult and why. We’ll explore these questions as well as why there are very few flats to rent in Edinburgh in the below sections.

What is the average rent in Edinburgh, Scotland?

First, let’s take a look at the average rent in Edinburgh to determine how the rental market sits in terms of affordability when compared with other major cities.

From the data table below, we can see that rent naturally increases with the number of bedrooms a property has to offer. A one-bedroom property has an average rental cost of £1,424 per calendar month (PCM), with rent increasing to an average of £3,459 per month for a five-bedroom property.

Number of BedroomsAverage Rent
One Bedroom£1,424 pcm
Two Bedrooms£1,770 pcm
Three Bedrooms£2,696 pcm
Four Bedrooms£2,984 pcm
Five Bedrooms£3,459 pcm
Source: Home.co.uk

When comparing the rent in Edinburgh with other major cities, it’s clear that Edinburgh is one of the most expensive cities to rent a property in the UK. London is the only city in the UK with an average rental cost of £4,635 pcm.

Why is rent so high in Edinburgh?

Rent is so high in Edinburgh because there is a high demand for rental properties. This naturally means that there are fewer rental properties on the market. Therefore, rent costs have skyrocketed. 

There is also limited housing in Edinburgh in general, which only adds to an already expensive rental market. 

Why are there no flats to rent in Edinburgh?

Almost two-thirds of households in Edinburgh live in flats, as Edinburgh is densely populated with a high proportion of flats and tenements in the city.

There is a scarcity of flats to rent in Scotland’s capital due to several reasons. One is that Edinburgh is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, the demand for short-term rentals can divert attention away from the long-term rental market. 

Also, there are limited housing developments in Edinburgh due to it being a historical city, with care needing to be taken to preserve historic architecture. This results in limited space for new construction, only adding to the shortage of flats overall.

What time of year are most rental properties available?

The best time of year for renting a property in Edinburgh is the summer months, particularly July and August, as this is when students tend to vacate properties to return to their respective home cities. 

However, it’s also worth bearing in mind that this is a peak time for tourist visitors looking for short-term lets in the city. It’s best to start planning your rental plans to beat the competition and secure yourself a long-term let. 

Is it worth living in Edinburgh?

While rent is expensive in Edinburgh, it’s still a beautiful city to live in. With its historical architecture paired with picturesque landscapes and cultural events, there is something for everyone.

For these reasons, among others, this makes the high rental costs and difficult market worthwhile navigating to live in such a great city.

If you’re interested in living in Edinburgh, you can find out who lets an Edinburgh property here.

Is rent cheaper in Edinburgh or Glasgow?

We’ve included below a data table detailing the average rents per bedroom in Edinburgh and Glasgow to show how the costs of living in these major Scottish cities compare.

Number of BedroomsAverage Rent in GlasgowAverage Rent in EdinburghPercentage Difference
One Bedroom£1,174 pcm£1,424 pcm+21%
Two Bedrooms£1,566 pcm£1,770 pcm+13%
Three Bedrooms£2,420 pcm£2,696 pcm+11.4%
Four Bedrooms£2,486 pcm£2,984 pcm+20%
Five Bedrooms£3,665 pcm£3,459 pcm-5%
Source: Home.co.uk

From the above table, it’s clear that Edinburgh rents are more expensive than in Glasgow, with a one-bedroom property in Edinburgh being 21% more expensive than in Glasgow and a four-bedroom property being 20% more expensive.

The only exception are five-bedroom properties, which are 5% cheaper to rent in Edinburgh than in Glasgow. 

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