Find Out Who Lets A Property in Edinburgh

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<strong>Find Out Who Lets A Property in Edinburgh</strong>
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There are many reasons why you may want to find out who lets a property in Edinburgh. 

For example, it may be a role within your job to find out who owns certain properties, or maybe you’re in the market for a new property and are carrying out some research on the local area.

Whatever the reason, finding out who owns a property is easy if you know where to start. Here at We Buy Any Home, we’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know when it comes to researching property owners, to make the process easy and quick without the need for filling out lots of paperwork.

How To Find Out Who Owns a Property in Edinburgh

The most official way of finding out who owns a property in Edinburgh is via the Registers of Scotland’s registers. This is the best way to investigate who owns a property if you’re unsure of the circumstances, or if the property seems to be unoccupied.

The Registers of Scotland is a database which contains all information related to property ownership and title deeds, allowing you to search registers for details regarding the following:

  • Property ownership
  • Rights and conditions 
  • Title plans

There are further details that can be searched within this register including from the Land Register of Scotland. This database contains information that is related to land ownership more specifically including:

  • The current owners of a property
  • Details relating to price and property sales
  • If there’s a mortgage currently on the property
  • Any additional conditions related to applications/queries

There are other ways of finding out who owns a property in Edinburgh, depending on the property type. These have been listed below in more detail:

  • Private let – Seek contact details for the landlords from the current tenants. If unsuccessful, you can check the Landlord Registration to obtain these details.
  • Council property – Contact the council’s local office via the City of Edinburgh Council
  • Housing Association/Registered Social Landlord (RSL) – Communicate with Housing Association or RSL.

How To Find Out If a House Is Rented

You may also want to find out if a house is rented. There are various reasons for this, including addressing repairs, noise complaints, or potential land disputes.

To find out if a property is rented, the best place to start is by communicating with whoever is currently living within the property. Asking them if they’re the property owner or if they rent can tell you the property’s current situation, and potential contact details for the landlord/property owner.

If you are unable to get an answer from the current occupiers or are dubious as to their response, you can find this information out officially by checking the Landlord Registration. This site gives you the ability to search for a landlord or agent’s contact details for a specific property.

Property Ownership

The best way of finding out who owns a property is by searching the Registers of Scotland. This allows you to find out property ownership by searching the land register.

The land register will provide you with information regarding property prices, boundary lines, and whether land/property is present on the land register.

You can purchase the title sheet for a property at the price of £3 + VAT, which will provide you with official information as to the current owner(s) of a property.

Rights and Conditions

The Registers of Scotland will also provide you with information on the rights and conditions of a property.

This could be related to the right of ownership, whether this is an exclusive ownership or a right in common between two properties. This is related to shared plots for example or taking resources from a piece of common land.

There are also rights within a title sheet that would provide information on rights that benefit a property and exist beyond its boundaries, such as a servitude right over adjoining land for example.

Title conditions can also be found within the Registers of Scotland, which are essentially a set of rules that must be followed when applications are made when registering interest in land/property.

Title Plans

If you need to obtain access to a title plans, these are also accessible via the Registers of Scotland. Title plans display the boundaries of a property on a map, allowing individuals to determine the limits of a property. These tend to be marked with physical features such as walls, fences, or hedges, however, a title plan will show exactly where the boundaries on a property begin and end.

Property boundaries tend to be marked with a bold red line. You can order a title plan for a property via the Registers of Scotland.

How We Buy Any Home Can Help

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