5 Ways to Help Keep Loft Conversion Costs Down

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<strong>5 Ways to Help Keep Loft Conversion Costs Down</strong>
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Loft conversions are a sizeable investment for any property owner. Depending on the size of the conversion, the materials you use, and many other factors, you could see yourself spending several thousands of pounds on a project like this.

A loft conversion involves transforming a loft into a functional room. In many cases, this type of project will be turning a loft into a bedroom, but not always. The cost of doing so can also vary considerably – which is why so many people ask themselves: “How can I keep down the cost of a loft conversion?”.

In the blog below, we have outlined five ways that you can keep your costs down while completing a project like this.

Get lots of price quotations

When the time comes to search for experts who can carry out your loft conversion, it is critical that you do not simply hire the first person you speak to. There will be lots of professionals in your area who are able to complete this sort of transformation – and therefore, it is important that you get lots of price quotations before making a decision.

By getting lots of quotations, it gives you a clear sense of the price range of your project, and also outlines how costs may differ between different experts. You should conduct research on any professional you approach to ensure they are reputable and good at their job – but once you have done that, having lots of independent quotes will help you to pick the most cost effective option.

Follow the correct procedures (to avoid fines)

It is not uncommon for loft conversions in the UK to require planning permission – and you should therefore follow all the correct procedures before, during and after getting work completed.

If you violate building regulations, it can result in fines or lawsuits. These are typically very expensive and will destroy any cost savings you may have made elsewhere in the process of converting your loft. Therefore, you should always follow the correct procedures, so you don’t incur unwanted fines for breaking the rules.

Find parts of the conversion with you can do yourself

Not every part of your loft conversion needs to be completed by a professional. There may be aspects which you can do yourself – and in the process, you will be cutting down on the costs of hiring someone else.

Examples of jobs you may be able to do yourself includes decoration, painting and/or tiling. Obviously, you don’t want to compromise the quality of the final result, but painting walls or decorating a room does not always require outside interference.

Consider how much space you need

Before any work begins, you should pay close attention to the amount of space that you will need in your converted room. Although everyone wants an extensive conversion, as it often provides a more impressive end result and may add more value to your house, larger conversions cost more money.

You should consider how you can achieve your desired end result, without wasting any space. If the loft conversion will be used a bedroom, for example, then have a conversation with the person who will be living there to discuss how space can be saved.

Choose the right materials – not too cheap, but not too expensive

Your choice of materials also has a significant impact on the cost of your conversion – and therefore, when you are smart about the materials you use, it can keep prices down.

If you choose materials which are too cheap for your loft conversion, the end result with be second-rate, and you will likely have to re-do much of the work sooner than you would like. This will almost always end up costing more in the long-term.

On the other hand, using overly expensive materials may incur unnecessary costs, when a slightly cheaper option would have also been sufficient. You could therefore try to identify the ‘medium’ ranked materials which don’t break the bank, but which are still of reasonable quality. Independent experts should be able to provide guidance on this topic.

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