Do You Need Planning Permission for a Granny Annexe?

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Do You Need Planning Permission for a Granny Annexe?
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Have you ever heard of the term ‘Granny Annexe’? If you have, but you want to learn more about the subject… then you are in the right place.

Granny Annexes are becoming increasingly common throughout the UK. They offer an excellent way of supporting an elderly loved one, by keeping them close by, without putting them into a care home.

But what are the hoops you need to jump through when getting a granny annexe? For example, do you need planning permission? Read on for an answer to this question, and more.

What is a Granny Annexe?

A Granny Annexe is a secondary building, separate from your main house, which is built to accommodate an elderly relative. These small buildings will typically be built in the garden.

People often choose to build a Granny Annexe on their property because they cannot afford to put an elderly relative into long-term care. This secondary property gives them their elderly relative the opportunity to keep living independently, while also having loved ones and support close by.

Granny Annexes are no longer exclusively used to house elderly people. They are being increasingly used by homeowners to provide somewhere for their children to sleep, if they have additional needs (such as wheelchair access) or as a ‘guest house’ where visitors can stay.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Granny Annexe?

There are a number of factors which determine whether you require planning permission for your Granny Annexe. Whether your annexe is covered by the Caravan Sites Act is a very important factor, as well as whether the property is going to be put up for sale/rent.

If the annexe is only going to be used within your family, and won’t be used to make any additional money, then you are unlikely to require planning permission for your granny annexe.

You will, however, need to obtain a Lawful Development Certificate from your local authority to confirm the above and clarify that the annexe is deemed to be incidental, i.e. seen as another room of the main residence, but in the form of an outbuilding.

It is always recommended that you hire a planning/property expert in a situation like this, as you want to avoid mistakes wherever possible.

Should I build or buy a Granny Annexe?

You are able to either build a Granny Annexe from scratch, or buy a ready-made one. Which option is best for you will vary depending on your circumstances.

For elderly relatives who have complicated health requirements, ready-made Granny Annexes can sometimes already accommodate for this, in a way which you may not have the technical DIY skills to do.

You should also consider how quickly you need the annexe. If the need for the building is urgent, then it is usually better to buy a ready-made one, because it will be ready much quicker.

How much space you have in your garden, and how much money you are able to spend on this project, will also influence whether building or buying is a better option. If you are on a smaller budget, building the annexe from scratch may be more suitable, whereas buying a larger annexe may be more appropriate if you have lots of space in your garden to fill.

How much does a Granny Annexe cost to buy?

The cost of a Granny Annexe to buy will vary depending on its size, features, materials and the company you purchase it from. You should receive quotations from a number of different companies before deciding on one model, because the prices may range.

To buy, the average Granny Annexe costs at least £10,000, but the figure is often much higher than this.

How much does a Granny Annexe cost to build?

Building a Granny Annexe is usually much cheaper than buying a ready-made one. You may be able to convert existing rooms into a Granny Annexe, or add an extension, both of which are usually cheaper than buying a new, ready-made Granny Annexe.

The cost of building a Granny Annexe will be the total of all the materials you require, along with any paid assistance you require, and independent experts you pay for their input.

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