How Much Notice Does a Landlord Have to Give When Selling in Wales?

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How Much Notice Does a Landlord Have to Give When Selling in Wales?
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It’s important that landlords follow appropriate rules when letting out their property to tenants, particularly when it comes to selling the property in question.

Tenants deserve plenty of notice if they’re required to vacate the property, but exactly how long are you required to give as a landlord if you’re selling a property in Wales?

In this article, we’ll explain how much notice a landlord is required to give should they wish to sell up, as well as how a tenant should be notified, the rights a tenant has if their landlord decides to sell, information on eviction notices and how easy it is to sell a tenanted property in Wales. 

How Much Notice Does A Landlord Need To Give If They Want To Sell The Property?

A landlord who wishes to sell their tenanted property must provide their tenants with six months’ notice to end their contract with a Section 173 notice. 

Generally, this notice can only be served after the first six months of a tenancy, however, this will differ depending on the estate agent.

Previously landlords could issue a two-month notice period for a no-fault eviction, however, these notices no longer apply and a six-month section 173 notice must be issued instead.

Tenants will generally be more amicable if they receive more notice, as this will provide them with time to find a new property and make necessary arrangements. 

How To Notify Your Tenant

Tenants must be notified with a written statement issuing a section 173 notice, either by email or post. It’s important to check if there are any details stipulated in the contract as to how a tenant should be notified prior to issuing a notice. 

Make sure you provide the tenant(s) with your contact information if they wish to discuss anything with you and retain evidence of when the notice was issued. This will make the process easier down the line if there are any questions regarding exactly when the tenants are required to vacate the property.

Notifying A Tenant Of Eviction Due To Not Paying Rent

The process is different if a tenant has not been paying their rent and a landlord wishes to evict them for this reason. This is because the contract will be seen to be broken, and therefore the eviction process can be started.

In this scenario, the landlord can issue a Section 8 notice, which is also known as an ‘eviction notice’ or a ‘notice to quit’. This protects the landlord in case tenants are living in the property without keeping up with their rent payments.

A Section 8 notice must be provided in writing and with a valid reason for eviction. Once the notice has been served, tenants will generally have 14 days in which to pay any rent owed. If rent due has not been received by the end of the 14 days, the next step would be to apply to the courts for an official eviction order. 

What Are The Tenant’s Rights If The Landlord Wants To Sell?

It’s important to remember that tenants do have substantial rights if a landlord wants to sell the property in which they’re living. 

Tenants are entitled to at least 6 months’ notice as stipulated in the sections above. If the landlord wishes to sell but with the tenants in situ, there are a few rights that the tenants have:

  • Regular communication must be upheld regarding the sale of the property in which they’re living.
  • Conditions outlined in the existing contract must be adhered to by the new owner until the contract expires.
  • Tenants are entitled to ‘peaceful enjoyment’, which means they can deny access to their property and cannot be forcefully evicted. They must however provide access if notice is given for viewings for example.

How Much Notice Does A Tenant Have To Give A Landlord If They Want To End The Contract?

If a tenant wishes to end a contract, they must provide the landlord with at least four weeks’ notice to end a periodic tenancy. This gives the landlord some time to make arrangements for new tenants, including viewings and drawing up new contracts. 

A fixed-term contract can be ended but only if a break clause exists within the contract, or if both the landlord and tenant agree to the contract ending early.

Is It Easy To Sell A Tenanted Property In Wales?

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