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Cardiff Property Market Report
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The cost of housing in Cardiff may be important to you for a range of reasons. Perhaps you’re looking to buy in the local area and are keen to know roughly how much you should expect the average house to cost. Alternatively, you may be thinking of selling your Cardiff home, and need to know whether you’re set to make any money on your existing property.

Regardless of why you need to know, an insight into the property market in Cardiff is useful for a range of reasons.

 We’ve put together a comprehensive Cardiff Property Market Report to help you navigate house prices and how they change, information on the Cardiff economy, transaction details such as how many sales there have been in Cardiff over the last year, and some data on demand for housing in the Welsh capital city. 

Cardiff House Prices

First, let’s take a look at the average house prices in Cardiff. We’ve included some information below on the average sales price for different property types, and how this has changed in a 12-month period.

What Was The Average Sales Price On All Property Types?

The average sales price by property type in the Cardiff area in August 2022 was as follows:

  • Detached Houses: £520,210
  • Semi-detached Houses: £334,824
  • Terraced Houses: £279,018
  • Flats: £172,953
  • All: £314,643

What Is The Current Average Sales Price On All Property Types?

As of August 2023, the average sales prices by property type in Cardiff were the following:

  • Detached Houses: £530,104
  • Semi-detached Houses: £351,517
  • Terraced Houses: £259,223
  • Flats: £173,677
  • All: £304,990

Change in average prices (by property type)

We’ve included below the change in percentage of average property prices based on different property types:

  • Detached Houses: +2%
  • Semi-detached Houses: +5%
  • Terraced Houses: -7%
  • Flats: +0%
  • All: -3%

What is Cardiff’s economy like?

Cardiff has a generally positive economy, due to a diverse number of industries working in the Welsh capital including finance, tourism, and education.

Employment levels are comparable with the rest of the UK and Cardiff’s GVA (Gross Value Added) is rising more quickly than any of the other UK capital cities.


It’s important to look at property transactions when forming a full view of the Cardiff property market. Take a look at the below sections to learn more about transactions in Cardiff in regard to property.

How Many Sales Have There Been Per Month In Cardiff

In August 2023, there were 187 properties sold in Cardiff. See the below bullet points for how these have been divided by property type:

  • Detached Houses: 27
  • Semi-detached Houses: 45
  • Terraced Houses: 81
  • Flats: 34

What % Change Is This From The Previous Year?

This has changed quite significantly compared with the previous year. It seems that there have been far fewer property sales in Cardiff in August 2023 when compared with August 2022, see below for the exact figures:

  • Detached Houses: -73%
  • Semi-detached Houses: -72%
  • Terraced Houses: -64%
  • Flats: -70%

What Is The Demand For Housing In Cardiff?

The demand for housing in Cardiff is high, which is largely due to a growing population, stability in the economic market, and the popular culture that the city of Cardiff has to offer.

While the rise in interest rates has led to a slight decline in demand for property over the last 12 months, this is likely to increase in the near future due to the population growing further and interest rates decreasing in line with inflation.

Is There Much Opportunity For Investment In Cardiff?

Cardiff is an excellent city for investment opportunities, particularly when it comes to property.

Rental yields in Cardiff are very good, which is why many landlords choose to purchase investment buy-to-let properties in the Welsh capital.

With an average property price of £314,643 and an average monthly rental income of £1,533 per calendar month, this provides a rental yield of 5.8%, which is considerably higher than the UK’s average rental yield of 3.63%.

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