Cardiff’s Most and Least Affordable Areas to Live

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Cardiff’s Most and Least Affordable Areas to Live
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Cardiff is a very popular area to live in, largely due to the excellent local amenities, the wealth of job opportunities, and transport links to more rural areas of Wales.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the most affordable and expensive areas to live in Cardiff, to provide an insight into how property prices can vary depending on which part of this popular area you decide to live.

Whether you’re thinking of moving to the Cardiff area or looking to sell your Cardiff home, this information should be useful to you in determining approximate house prices for different neighbourhoods.

Most Affordable Areas To Live in Cardiff

Below you’ll find an overview of the most affordable areas to live in Cardiff, based on data from the last 12 months as of 24th May 2023.


Ely is a district and small community west of the city centre of Cardiff. It takes its name from the River Ely and is thought to be one of the oldest areas of Cardiff with a history as an ancient hamlet.

It is home to around 14,603 people (2011) and has average house prices of £218,363, a rise of 9% when comparing figures from the previous year. Most property sales in Ely were for semi-detached houses, selling for an average of £220,833.

Ely offers an affordable city to live to those commuting into the centre of Cardiff with good transport links including the Cardiff Bus services and a train station in the nearby town of Fairwater. It’s also great for families, with several primary and secondary schools in the area.


Another area in Cardiff that is considered to be one of the most affordable is Roath, a district close to the city centre famous for the Globe music venue and close proximity to Cardiff University.

Roath has average house prices of £279,866, a 12% increase from the previous year. Most properties sold in Roath are terraced homes, selling for an average of £280,573.

This area is popular among students and families alike and has an average population of 18,274 people (2021)


The cheapest area on our list to live in Cardiff is Grangetown, with average house prices of just £211,670. Grangetown is a district in the south of Cardiff and is one of the largest communities in the area with a population of 19,385 people (2011).

Grangetown has a good sense of local community and is known for being a picturesque area to live in with its green spaces, Victorian terraced homes, and wealth of local pubs.

Property prices in Grangetown have risen by 10% when comparing data year on year (YOY), and most properties sold in Grangetown were flats with an average property price of £172,668.

Most Expensive Areas To Live In Cardiff

Here’s a list of the most expensive areas to live in Cardiff, based on data from the last 12 months (collated 24th May 2023).


Cyncoed is one of the most expensive areas to live within Cardiff, with average house prices of £390,808. This has risen by 7% over the last 12 months, with the majority of homes sold in the area being semi-detached properties with an average house price of £419,474.

Situated in the northeast of Cardiff, Cyncoed is a small community known for its affluence, with many properties reaching a value of over £1,000,000. It offers excellent views over Roath Lake and the surrounding mountains and is home to approximately 11,148 people (2011).

Cyncoed is home to a small shopping village, several churches and primary/secondary schools, and has excellent transport links into central Cardiff with many Cardiff bus services and two local train stations. 


Another expensive area within Cardiff that many choose to live in is Rhiwbina, a suburb based in the north of the city.

Rhiwbina was originally a small hamlet, however, it has been developed throughout the 20th century and is now its own separate community home to 11,369 people (2011).

The average property price in this area is £345,981, with the majority of homes sold being semi-detached properties at an average price of £405,326. House prices have risen by 2% over the previous year, and Rhiwina is popular with families and young people alike due to its abundance of cafes, shops, and local amenities.


Next up on our list of expensive areas in Cardiff is Heath, a small residential area in the northwest of Cardiff with a population of 12,629 people. Heath is home to the University Hospital of Wales as well as Heath Park, an area offering attractions such as the George V Playing Fields and a miniature steam railway.

Heath is considered to be an affluent area with property prices being the third highest in the city. There are many traditional 1930s detached and semi-detached houses in this area, with most benefitting from large south-facing gardens.

The average house price in Heath is £333,607, a 4% increase when comparing data YOY. The majority of homes sold in Heath over the last 12 months were semi-detached properties, with an average price of £380,748.

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