The Most and Least Affordable Streets in Aberdeen

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The Most and Least Affordable Streets in Aberdeen
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£1,075,766. That’s the difference between the most affordable and least affordable areas of Aberdeen. While it may seem like an incredibly large difference, there’s a positive message here. Whether you’re trying to buy a house on your own, or you’ve got a helping hand, there’s something for everyone in Aberdeen. Yes, while there are properties at over £1 million, there are also affordable properties available at an affordable price of around £35,000. 

So, if you’re considering a move to Aberdeen, you need to explore the different areas available within the city. This will give you some clarity as to where the best-priced properties actually are. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most expensive and cheapest streets to buy property in Aberdeen, and where you’re likely to get more bang for your buck when selling your home.

What is it like to live in Aberdeen?

Living in Aberdeen offers a unique and interesting place to call home. There are many aspects of Aberdeen which promise a different atmosphere and vibe compared to other cities.

For example, Aberdeen changes throughout the year due to the seasonal changes. Winters can be cold and grey, and the granite building certainly doesn’t help. However, for some, it’s an absolute delight as there really is nothing quite as cosy as staying inside on a cold winter’s day. 

Due to its unique location, Aberdeen doesn’t just have city views but plenty of scenic beauty through the beaches and greenery. This certainly offers plenty of days spent in nature, too. 

Additionally, in terms of socialising, Aberdeen boasts plenty of bars and restaurants which offer the chance to experience the Scottish charm of the locals. People are quite friendly and welcoming in the city, which may seem unusual to those used to larger cities in the UK. 

All in all, the city is a great place to live and offers a welcoming environment. Maybe not warm in the literal sense, but a warm community nonetheless. 

The cost of living in Aberdeen?

The cost of living in Aberdeen can be relatively high compared to other cities in the UK. Housing expenses, including rent and property prices, are a significant contributor to the overall cost of living. Rental costs for apartments or houses can be quite steep, especially in desirable neighbourhoods. 

Additionally, with the current economic climate, utility bills, transportation, and everyday expenses like groceries and dining out are also increasing. 

In fact, at the time of writing utility bills for an apartment would set you back around £173 a month. 

Now, prices for property can vary from area to area, but here are the averages for property costs at the time of writing.

  • The average price of properties for sale: £173,648
  • Average rent £1,016 pcm

Now, these prices may either appear steep or affordable depending on which city or town you’re currently living in. All in all, Aberdeen ranks as one of the more expensive places to live in Scotland, behind cities like Edinburgh, of course. 

Most expensive streets

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most expensive streets to purchase property in Aberdeen. 

Almost straight away, you’ll notice that all of the most expensive streets fall into the AB15 postcode area. 

Here are the top ten most expensive streets:

  1. Rubislaw Den South, Aberdeen, AB15 

The most expensive street in Aberdeen is Rubislaw Den South, with current average property prices at £1,111,666. This street has always been known for being one of the more affluent areas of Aberdeen. The street is lined with a mix of elegant Victorian and Edwardian houses, many of which feature beautiful architectural details, such as bay windows and well-maintained gardens. All of which add to the appeal of this street. 

  1. Dalmuinzie Road, Bieldside, Aberdeen, AB15  

Narrowly missing out on first place is Dalmuinzie Road, with an average property price of £1,065,282. This is another street that has always been known to be one of the affluent streets in Aberdeen. In years past, this street has always been listed as the most expensive street. However, perhaps due to the current economic climate, it seems there have been fewer property sales on the street, which has reduced the overall property value.

  1. Rubislaw Den North, Aberdeen, AB15 

Next up, and a stone’s throw away from Rubislaw Den South, we have Rubislaw Den North with an average property price of £873,750. Like its southern counterpart, Rubislaw Den North is known for its attractive residential properties. It features a mix of stylish homes which attract homeowners enough to pay the high prices. 

The other most expensive streets of Aberdeen are as follows:

  • 4. Inchgarth Road, Pitfodels Cults, Aberdeen – £761,333
  • 5. Kepplestone Gardens, Aberdeen, AB15 – £717,812
  • 6. Forest Road, Aberdeen, AB15 – £699,333
  • 7. North Deeside Road, Cults, AB15 – £686,000
  • 8 – Queen’s Grove, Hazlehead, Aberdeen, AB15 – £670,000
  • 9. Craigbank Drive, Aberdeen, AB15 – £655,822
  • 10 – West Craigbank Gardens, Cults, Aberdeen, AB15 – £600,000

Least expensive streets

Now that we’ve looked at some of the most expensive areas let’s now look at where the least expensive streets to purchase property are. As you’ll notice, the majority of the most affordable properties are located in the postcodes AB11, AB25 and AB24.

  1. Victoria Road, Torry, Aberdeen, AB11 

Starting off with the least expensive street to buy a property, we have Victoria Road, with an average property price of £35,900. The area serves as a bustling hub for local residents and businesses. The road itself is a mix of residential and commercial properties, which is one of the possible reasons why property prices are quite low here. There is still a variety of housing options, including traditional stone-built homes, apartments, and newer developments. 

  1. Walker Road, Aberdeen AB11 

Next up, we have Walker Road, with an average property price of £37,496. It is another main road located in the AB11 postal code and Torry area. As such, the area features both residential and commercial properties. However, in recent times, the area has been considerably improved by various development schemes.

  1. Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen, AB25

The third least expensive street in Aberdeen is Hutcheon Street, with an average property price value of £39,625. Again, it is another well-known main road located close to Aberdeen’s main shopping district. As such, the area is well connected with public transportation and made extremely accessible. 

The other least expensive streets of Aberdeen are as follows:

  • 4. Bedford Road, Aberdeen, AB24 – £39,998
  • 5. George Street, Aberdeen, AB24 – £40,074
  • 6. Fraser Street, Aberdeen, AB24 – £41,816
  • 7. Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, AB24 – £43,849
  • 8. Urquhart Road, Aberdeen, AB24 – £44,596
  • 9. Lamond Place, Aberdeen, AB25 – £45,249
  • 10. Jasmine Terrace, Aberdeen, AB24 – £45,400

It’s clear to see just how dynamic and diverse the property market is in Aberdeen. If you are looking to move to Aberdeen, you will definitely find an area that is affordable for your budget. 

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