Is Aberdeen a Good Place to Live?

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Is Aberdeen a Good Place to Live?
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The Granite City, Aberdeen, is the third largest city in Scotland, with over 200,000 residents. With so many people choosing to call Aberdeen home, there are definitely many attractions and novelties that keep them there. Perhaps, it’s the football, the local scenery, or maybe just being happy to be a part of this city. Whatever the case, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the factors to consider if you’re looking to live in Aberdeen.

Living in Aberdeen

The city of Aberdeen is quite a walkable one, with many places easily reachable on foot. This is quite different from some of the other major cities in Scotland and the UK at large. With its unique architecture, specifically buildings made out of granite, the city provides great scenery and not least because of its location and proximity to the sea. 

Interestingly, the city changes dramatically from season to season. Due to its location, days can be much longer or much shorter. In the winter, the sun sets around 15:30 PM, whereas in the summer, there is still daylight at 11 PM. Therefore, you may feel that in the winter you won’t get much sun, if at all. However, it will definitely be different in the summer, when you’ll be able to take a walk late at night. 

Aberdeen is a well-connected city, offering links for commuters by road, train, air and even sea. With such ease of commute, living in Aberdeen provides a great place to live while being able to work in other major cities. 

Cost of Living

Aberdeen also benefits from having a cheaper cost of living in comparison to other major cities. 

Take, for example, the following statistics:

  • The average price of properties for sale: £173,648
  • Average rent £1,016 pcm

In comparison, the average rent price is almost £1,500 cheaper in Aberdeen than in Edinburgh. Additionally, property prices are much cheaper in Aberdeen. So for those looking to save money yet live in a city, Aberdeen could offer a great choice. 

Safety in Aberdeen

As with any major city, crime and similar issues are common and are more likely to be present. Compared to many other cities in the UK, Aberdeen does quite well in terms of crime rates. Over the recent years, Aberdeen has also received the ‘Purple Flag’ used to symbolise safety and security. Of course, it does help that with a smaller population size, there are likely to be lower crime rates. If you compare Aberdeen, with around a 200,000 population size, to Glasgow, which has almost three times as many people, there is going to be less crime. As a result, Aberdeen can be considered to be a safe place to live. Granted, there may be areas where you need to be extra careful and vigilant. However, that’s the same with many other cities across the country.. 

Areas of Aberdeen

There are around 60 different areas and suburbs of Aberdeen, and each one is particularly unique. Additionally, the city centre is further segmented by different neighbourhoods. Therefore, if you’re looking to move to Aberdeen, it’s important to understand your requirements and see how well the area will fit your needs. 

Best Areas for Students

If you’re a student and looking to live in Aberdeen while studying, you will find yourself looking for a flat. It may be difficult to find one in a popular area like Old Aberdeen, where the student village is. However, you’ll be pleased to know there are other options that may be slightly further out but will almost certainly fit your needs. 

Consider looking for flats in any of the following areas:

  • Old Aberdeen
  • King Street
  • George Street
  • Rosemount Place
  • Pittodrie Street

Additionally, for nightlife, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of options in Aberdeen. All of which should be pretty accessible. 

Best Areas for Families 

If you’re looking to move with a family, then you’ll most likely have a set requirement list. Perhaps, a local supermarket, a park and a school that are all close by. With Aberdeen being extremely accessible, you’ll find plenty of options that will be more than suitable for raising a family. Areas such as Rosemount Place and Midstocket Road are well recommended for families due to their amenities. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to raise a family, you may be interested in what Aberdeen has in terms of education. The city has 14 high schools and over 50 primary schools. The city is also home to the University of Aberdeen, which ranks quite high by global standards, along with Robert Gordon University. So if you have children, you’ll know they won’t need to go very far for good quality education if they’d rather stay home. 

Most Sought-after Areas

If you’re wondering where the most popular areas are in Aberdeen, the places where everyone dreams of living, then you’ll want to take a look at Cults and Bieldside. They are the wealthiest and most affluent neighbourhoods that Aberdeen has to offer. As a result, many residents aspire to one day move to these areas. 

Should You Move to Aberdeen?

In conclusion, Aberdeen offers plenty that definitely supports the idea that it is a good place to live, from educational facilities, city amenities and even the cost of living. It’s hard to find other cities that can compete so well. 

However, it may not be for everybody. For those who are more attracted to cities like Glasgow, Manchester, or London – the Granite City may feel quieter and less lively in comparison. Having said that, it’ll definitely be worth a visit that’s for sure! 

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