Best Commuter Towns for Aberdeen

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Best Commuter Towns for Aberdeen
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If you are commuting to or from Aberdeen, you may be wondering what the best commuter towns for Aberdeen are. You’ll be pleased to know that Aberdeen is commuter-friendly, meaning there are many options available! Where you choose to live will ultimately come down to your personal preferences and budget. 

Exploring costs and comparing property prices, we take a look at some of the best towns you can commute to from Aberdeen.

Let’s get started. 

Where do people commute from?

People who commute to Aberdeen can choose to live in nearby towns. Here are some popular choices:


This town is located around 16 miles away from Aberdeen City Center. It is a beautiful town set in the countryside along the River Ythan. The town’s population is only around 10,000 making it quite a small community. Property prices in the area are around £219,060. While rent prices average around the £1000 mark.

There are plenty of commuting options. As mentioned earlier, Ellon is only 16 miles away from Aberdeen, making it a convenient 20-minute ride. However, Aberdeen City Council has also set up a park and ride, which is conveniently located in Ellon. There are trains available which are around a 40-minute journey. 


The town of Stonehaven is located around 15.5 miles from Aberdeen City Center. It is another beautiful town, most notable for its beaches and coves. This makes it a quiet yet delightful place to raise a family. The recent average property prices for the area stand at around £270,000. Meanwhile, rent prices are around £1,240 a month. 

Commuting to Aberdeen by car will take around 22 minutes via the A92. However, the train journey takes about the same time, making it a more convenient choice. 


This town is located only around 7.5 miles from Aberdeen City Centre. It is another relaxed area, having originally been a small fishing village. Even today, there are only just over 7000 people living in the town. Recent property prices indicate the average stands at around £216,688 while rental prices are stable at around£700 per month. 

Getting to Aberdeen will only take around 15 minutes, while the train service can vary from some journeys taking 10 minutes to some at 30 minutes. 


Inverurie is situated approximately 16 miles away from Aberdeen City Center, showcasing its charming setting amidst the countryside near the River Don. The town has a population size of around 14,000, providing a close-knit atmosphere. The average property prices in Inverurie hover around £237,546. For those preferring to rent, the average monthly rent stands at approximately £800.

The town’s proximity to Aberdeen ensures a straightforward 30-minute journey by car. Train services are available as well; however, times can range from 30 minutes to 50 minutes. 


Westhill, another notable town, is located in close proximity to Aberdeen City Center, approximately 7.5 miles away. Originally built to serve as a commuter town, it lives up to its purpose and now has a population size of around 12,000. The recent average property prices in Westhill amount to around £260,000. Meanwhile, rent prices in the area average around £950 per month, catering to those who prefer to rent.

Commuting from Westhill to Aberdeen takes around 20 minutes via the A94. Alternatively, the train journey takes about 38 minutes; however, it is not as frequent as in other places. 

Keep in mind that many people choose to live in cities like Glasgow or Edinburgh and commute to Aberdeen, which is still possible, although maybe not as convenient. 

Where do people commute to?

People commute to Aberdeen for a range of reasons. The city is home to a range of businesses and educational facilities, making it a highly comminuted city.

Here are some of the main places in Aberdeen that people come for:


The city is home to the University of Aberdeen, and Robert Gordon University attracts students globally. As a result, many students choose to live in areas that may be cheaper or perhaps safer and commute as and when required. 


The city is also home to many notable businesses which attract high-calibre talent. This includes the likes of PwC, Deloitte, EY, Shell; the list goes on. These are all businesses that have established headquarters in the city, which results in workers travelling to the city for work. 

Industrial areas

The city of Aberdeen is also home to many industrial businesses located in areas such as Dyce, Altens, and Bridge of Don. This includes businesses involved in producing energy, machinery, and even manufacturing. 

Aberdeen Airport

The airport in Aberdeen is very busy, with over 2 million people using the facilities yearly. Many people from surrounding areas use the airport out of convenience, which results in the city becoming fantastic for commuters and travellers alike. 

Commuting out of Aberdeen

Many people choose to live in Aberdeen and commute elsewhere. With an airport, train links, and convenient motorway access, there are plenty of places that become easily accessible. 


Glasgow is another major city in Scotland that attracts many visitors and commuters daily. Average property prices in the city are around £227,902. Meanwhile, the population in Glasgow is over 1.6 million, while in Aberdeen, it is only around 225,000. 


As the capital of Scotland, many people will choose to commute to Edinburgh. With lots of businesses and national organizations, there are many reasons people choose to commute. One of the main reasons people may not choose to live in Edinburgh is down to cost. Average property prices are £378,662 in Edinburgh, which can be very high. 

Cost of living in Aberdeen

Living in a city like Aberdeen isn’t as expensive as you may think. In fact, take a look at the following:

  • The average price of properties for sale: £173,648
  • Average rent £1,016 pcm

So although it may be cheap to live in the city, some people may look for quieter areas set in the countryside to live in rather than developed cities which unfortunately attract issues like crime. 

What to do in Aberdeen


Aberdeen offers plenty in terms of nightlife. There are a range of clubs which cater to different crowds and are all scattered around the AB10/AB11 postcode area, making it easily accessible for local residents. 


The main street in Aberdeen is Union Street. Here, there are plenty of shopping and dining options which regularly draw in the local residents. There is also the Bon Accord shopping centre which is home to over 70 shops offering visitors plenty of amenities under one room.

Aberdeen is a fantastic place to commute to or from. There are so many towns located nearby offering easy access. So for those looking for somewhere to live outside of the city, you’ll definitely be able to find something that works for you. 

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