Sunderland Named One of the UK’s Best Places to Raise a Family

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Sunderland Named One of the UK’s Best Places to Raise a Family
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Raising a family is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. Yet it is also a challenge – a big one at that. For every moment of pride you feel or experience there is also a moment of worry – how to pay for all the activities the kids want to do, how to pay the mortgage each month to keep a roof over their heads, and so on. The worry never stops!

Wanting the best for your family is normal, and perhaps the biggest challenge and decision you need to take though is where in the UK you want to raise your family. After all, where you live dictates the school your kids can go to, the activities they can do and the chances of getting employment once they are old enough. Some areas of the country have always been popular places to live, whereas others suffer from bad press, fairly or unfairly.

One place that in the past has been seen somewhat negatively – but has managed to shake off this image – is Sunderland. The city has not just shaken off its reputation, it has been named as one of the best places in the UK to raise a family by experts from CIA Landlords Insurance, based on factors such as the number of quality schools, average rent prices and the average cost of pre-schools.

So how did Sunderland manage quite a sensational turnaround to the point whereby cash house buyers like us here at We Buy Any Home are keen to speak to anyone looking to sell flat fast in the Sunderland area as we have buyers waiting for properties to invest in for work and to lay down roots.

Is Sunderland a nice place to live?

Sunderland is a fantastic place to live, with plenty to offer families looking to move into the area:

  • Sunderland is blessed with some of the UK’s most picturesque beaches. Whether you’re looking to relax with a beachside picnic in the summer or explore rock pools in the fall, Sunderland’s coastline provides the ideal setting.
  • In Seaburn, you’ll find not only beautiful beaches but also a variety of attractions, including arcades, delightful restaurants, and The Stack—a cultural hub where you can enjoy some light entertainment.
  • Sunderland is also a city steeped in rich history and heritage. You could spend days exploring the old shipyards and museums that celebrate its past.
  • The city features plenty of green spaces – ideal for families. Herrington Country Park and centrally located Mowbray Park are two popular spots.

Sunderland offers all this and more, making it a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Sunderland named the nation’s favourite place to live

A survey of 2,000 people from across the UK by OneFamily found Sunderland to be the nation’s favourite place to reside.

The city excelled in both “satisfaction” and “happiness” metrics, with those surveyed satisfied with the city’s commuting options and cost of living. The survey also highlighted the low concern among Sunderland residents about their local property market. This is because Sunderland boasts affordable living, with the average rent or mortgage payment coming in at £6,828 per year. Sunderland’s average property price is £121,822, making homeownership more attainable for many.

What is the best area of Sunderland to live?

For families seeking the perfect neighbourhood in Sunderland, several options combine city amenities with a family-friendly environment:

High Barnes

Situated near the city centre, High Barnes is an ideal choice for families who want a tranquil setting but with easy access to the pros of city living. This area offers an excellent selection of schools, making it a solid choice for families with young children or professionals who crave a peaceful lifestyle within city limits.


Seaburn’s stunning beachfront location is a big draw for families who want a beach and city life in one. With excellent metro connectivity to the city centre and appealing homes, it’s still more affordable than many other parts of the UK even if it is above the average in Sunderland itself.

Queen Alexandra Road

Frequently appearing on lists of Sunderland’s most sought-after locations, Queen Alexandra Road stretches across the city, offering a diverse range of housing options for those with higher budgets. It’s worth taking a stroll or drive along the road to get a feel for what’s on offer.

Middle Herrington

Ideal for active families, Middle Herrington is close to Herrington Country Park, a popular spot for family outings, dog walks, and cycling. The area hosts various open-air events and concerts and features an adventure playground for children. Housing options in this area are diverse, catering to buyers at all stages of the homeownership journey.

Chester Road

For families who prefer to be in the thick of things, Chester Road is a superb option. This road leads directly into the city centre and is conveniently located near the University of Sunderland City Campus. Whether you’re into dining out, visiting museums, or indulging in some retail therapy, Chester Road has it all.

As you can see Sunderland is a city on the up. If you are looking to sell flat fast, give us a call at We Buy Any Home. From flats with cladding to houses with problem tenants, we can buy your home from you in a super-fast timeframe and cover your legal fees too. As Sunderland property experts, we can give you a fair price and take care of everything, relieving you of stress and worry. Fill in the online form or call us today for a quote in just 24 hours.

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