How to Sell Your House Quickly

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How to Sell Your House Quickly
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Selling your house can involve a lot of waiting and uncertainty.

However, there are ways toincrease the chances of it selling faster on the open market.

And there are other ways to sell it faster

Read on to find out more about both options.

How long does it take to sell a house on average in the UK?

for sale sign next to houses

The average property selling time in the UK is about 22 weeks, according to Rightmove data from 2023.

The process includes:

  • 4-8 weeks achieving a sale agreed
  • 10-12 weeks conveyancing process
  • 2 weeks exchanging contracts, then completing

Other factors for selling a house include:

And more.

‘Selling a house faster’ vs. ‘selling a house very fast’

There is an important distinction between:

  • Selling your house faster via traditional selling channels. These are steps that can increase the likelihood of your house selling faster on the open market
  • Selling your house very fast via alternative selling channels. Alternative selling methods for selling faster than via traditional channels

Below, we have broken down these two options further.

Selling your house faster via traditional selling channels

‘A traditional channel’ refers to a estate agent using the open market.

This is by far the most common and popular way to sell a property.

Below are our top tips on how you can increase the chances of making a fast sale this way.

1. Get all your documentation sorted

documents being looked at on a desk

Paperwork is essential for selling a home.

There are several documents you need to organise before you can your house. These include the following documents:

  • Evidence of ownership
  • Mortgage details
  • Lease documents for flats
  • Any planning consents or guarantees for home improvements
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Gas Safety Record (if applicable)
  • A fixture and fittings form detailing removable items excluded from the sale.

Aim to have paperwork ready to send within 24 hours of receiving the initial sales enquiry. This gets legal proceedings underway without delay between solicitors.

Check if you should extend the lease before you sell

When selling a leasehold house or flat, first check the lease term. If it’s too short, it might put many buyers off.

Mortgage lenders often object to terms with eighty years or less outstanding. Although extendable, doing so can delay transactions.

To avoid this, take the initiative to begin extending the lease as soon as you decide to sell. The freeholder may charge several thousand pounds, safeguarding against time-consuming negotiations later.

Or, negotiate with a new buyer to sort out any extension. Either way, do not ignore short leases.

2. Research estate agents before making a decision

laptop with symbols of people's profiles projecting out to represent online research

Selecting the right estate agent is one of the most critical choices when selling your home.

They will market your property, manage viewings and offers, and negotiate for you. So, it’s crucial to find someone qualified, experienced and trustworthy.

Start your research by viewing local agents’ listings and sales histories. This information can is on websites like Rightmove and Zoopla.

Look out for the following points:

  • How long are their properties on the market?
  • How close to the asking price do they usually sell for?
  • Look into individual agents’ websites and social media pages
  • Look for consistent, high-quality photos, detailed listing descriptions, and proactive marketing techniques
  • Read reviews of estate agents

Shortlist three agents who make the best impression online. Then, set up in-person consultations.

Gauge their knowledge of recent area sales and current market conditions. Ask about their fees and fee structures.

3. Price your house well

wooden house models with currency signs next to them

Correct pricing is essential to selling quickly.

If you over-price, few buyers will view it, wasting precious time. Yet under-pricing means losing money.

Research the sold prices of comparable local homes before deciding on yours.

Online portals detailing property values, like Zoopla, provide helpful data. You could check sale prices registered with HM Land Registry or hire a valuer to assess your home.

Remember to factor in any home improvements you have made, too. Adjust as needed until your price is fair yet competitive. This encourages fast viewings and the best offers.

Other selling prices in your area

With several expert opinions on market value, you can price your property. Getting independent valuations from different estate agents and surveyors is useful for this.

Consider similar houses. Being in the same location and condition are important. And having the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and garden space helps. Adjust for any significant finish or amenity issues your home has.

Price just below the upper end of estimated value to attract motivated buyers. These tend to have mortgages pre-approved, making for swifter sales.

Resist the temptation to accept early offers or concessions that seem ‘good enough’.

Unless market factors change, stick to your well-researched asking price.

If you get no good offers after four to six weeks, consider adjusting the price.

4. Be honest about any issues with the house

Tempting as it may be, do not hide existing property flaws from potential buyers.

It often backfires when an observant surveyor spots the problem. Buyers can then renegotiate or even withdraw their offer…

Instead, be upfront about any faults needing repair, reflected in the asking price. Serious issues like subsidence or dampness should be fixed beforehand.

Even if you feel flaws are minor, disclose them. Otherwise, buyers may delay transactions while they investigate concerns.

For example, a noisy central heating system may represent an easy fix for you but worry new owners.

5. Make your property as presentable as possible

woman smiling and tidying up a living room

First impressions matter when selling a home.

There are several things you should do before taking photos or viewings, including:

  • Cleaning. You should aim remove limescale, dust, and dirt in your property. Carpets and curtains should be clean and odours removed
  • Tidying. De-cluttering furniture and possessions can transform how a room looks. Consider buying storage boxes to help with this
  • Painting walls or floors. Neutral tones and high-quality paint can make this more effective
  • Fixing all fittings, fixtures, and appliances. This includes replacing light bulbs, painting banisters, cleaning guttering, reinforcing walls, and more
  • Gardening. A well-kept garden can improve the appeal of any house

Curb appeal

Curb appeal is a term used to describe how your house looks from outside on street level.

The exterior is, after all, the first thing potential buyers see when judging if they like your home.

Ensure your front garden looks good. Have aell-kept flowers, trimmed bushes and a mown lawn. Repaint your front door, clean your windows and brush down exterior walls.

And, if possible, leave your parking spaces empty, too.

Furnished vs. unfurnished

Unfurnished ones can still be appealing with proper presentation. However, furnishing a home can significantly improve its chances of selling.

This likely comes how it makes homes look more inviting and liveable.

Sellers without the right furnishing have several options, including:

  • Shopping on cheap online platforms, such as Facebook marketplace or eBay
  • Shopping at cheap stores, car boot sales, or recycling centres
  • Borrowing from relatives or friends

6. Depersonalise

Clean and tidy dining room

Depersonalising your home can give it a broader (or more ‘universal’) appeal. This enables a wider range of potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living there.

Some ways to achieve depersonalisation include:

  • Take down family photos, paintings, and other ornamental or decorative items
  • Using neutral colours and tones for painted surfaces, furniture, and lighting
  • Use popular air fresheners, i.e., avoid incense, homemade scented candles, etc.

These tasks can also contribute to making rooms easier to assess for buyers. The general de-cluttering effect increases the sense of space. This reduces distractions to buyer’s imagining living there.

Define each room

Over time, you might find that certain rooms take on another use that suits your lifestyle.

For example, your dining room might have become a children’s playroom. Or the spare bedroom might have become an office.

But you should aim to put these rooms back to their original purpose. This is because homes with dining rooms or second bedrooms are as more valuable than homes that don’t.

You should try to remove or store all items that don’t fit the original function. So, tidy children’s toys away and remove any furniture that isn’t appropriate.

This will help to maximise the value of your home. It will also help to remove clutter and make the rooms look bigger.

7. Communicate consistently with all parties at all times

Clear communication cements successful sales. This can include:

  • Communicating with all parties as often as possible
  • Ensure your estate agent promotes the listing online and in-branch, if applicable
  • Chase buyers for feedback after viewings
  • Immediately alert your solicitor to any questions from the buyer’s solicitor
  • Reply quickly if more paperwork is needed
  • When buyers make offers, aim to respond within 24 hours

Fast reactions make buyers feel valued, keeping them engaged in negotiations.

Finally, if compromising on price or requests, explain your reasoning politely. This helps buyers understand whilst not feeling offended.

Selling your house fast via alternative selling channels

1. Sell to a cash house buyer

For the fastest house sale, consider selling to a cash house buyer.

Cash house buyers buy properties without needing mortgages or chains. And they often have conveyancers and solicitors on standby, too.

This all helps them bypass bottlenecks associated with:

  • Viewings
  • Negotiations
  • fall-throughs
  • waiting for other buyers’ mortgages or surveys


They can often buy a house within seven days.

The downside to this, from a seller’s viewpoint, is that cash house buyers buy for below market value. But if a seller needs to sell a house fast, the speed and efficiency of the sale makes up for it.

Check companies’ credentials first and read reviews to find a good cash buyer. (Unfortunately, there are deceptive non-genuine cash-buying companies to avoid).

Selling this way puts you in control of timescales while releasing equity from your home.

Account for their under asking price offers when calculating your financial benefits.

2. Use a property auction

Consider selling your house through a property auction. These can take place at auction houses or online. They are overseen by specialized agents or companies.

Buyers can submit bids for properties listed for sale. When the reserve price is met, the property is essentially sold. The winning bidder then makes a deposit.

If it finds a bidder, a property at auction should sell fast – sometimes within two months.

Many people associate property auctions with selling derelict houses. But there are ones that sell regular properties, too.

3. Sell privately to a friend

Selling your house privately to a friend is a great way of selling it quickly and conveniently.

Of course, it relies on the seller having a friend who is both willing to buy their home and willing to buy it quickly.

The same taxes and documentation as regular sales are required.

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Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

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