How Much Does Installing Electric Car Charging at Home Cost?

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How Much Does Installing Electric Car Charging at Home Cost?
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Have you ever considered buying an electric car? This relatively new, eco-friendly mode of transport is becoming increasingly common throughout the UK. Companies like Tesla are selling record numbers throughout the country, and many people are enjoying the environmental benefits of an electric vehicle.

But what are the cost implications of owning an electric car? How much does it cost to charge one, for example? In the blog below, we have provided an answer to this question, and more.

What is an electric car?

An electric car uses electricity from the national grid to run. Instead of relying on petrol, these types of vehicles rely on electricity, and therefore need to be charged in order to run properly.

There are many facilities open to the public where you can charge your electric vehicle, but many people also choose to charge their vehicle at home.

Pros of getting an electric car

There are several advantages of purchasing and owning an electric car, which explains why sales of this vehicle type have shot up in recent years.

Firstly, electric cars are better for the environment. This is because they do not use non-renewable sources to run, such as fossil fuels, and therefore have a reduced carbon footprint. For people who are conscious about the environment, this makes electric cars a perfect choice.

Electric cars can also avoid almost any congestion charges which are in-place in big UK cities. This is because they are not contributing to pollution, and are therefore exempt. If you are regularly driving in and out of cities, this can save you money.

The UK government also provides other methods of financial support to people who own electric cars. These above reasons explain why many people opt for this type of vehicle.

Cons of getting an electric car

It is important to consider the disadvantages of getting an electric car, as well as the advantages.

Finding charging stations can sometimes be very difficult if a vehicle needs to be charged while out and about (in other words, there isn’t enough power in the vehicle to make it home). This can create a conundrum for electric vehicle drivers on some occasions.

Charging times can also be very long for electric vehicles. This means that charging during the day is often impractical, especially if you need to keep nipping out and about in your car. Charging at night-time is the only convenient solution for many.

Owning an electric car can also be expensive. Not only do they have high initial costs, but battery packs can also be costly to replace.

How long does an electric car take to charge?

An electric car can take anywhere between 1 hour to 18 hours to charge. There are several variables which influence how long it takes, including:

  • How full the battery already is
  • How large the battery is
  • The battery temperature
  • Whether other people are using the same Electric Vehicle charger
  • The car’s maximum rate of charge

The efficiency of a charging point is very important for its owner, because it can significantly impact whether the investment in an electric vehicle is worth it. For example, with some charging points, 1 hour of charging will provide around 15 miles of range, while better charging points may enable up to 80 miles of range per hour.

How Much Does Installing Electric Car Charging at Home Cost?

It is not uncommon for electric car owners to install an electric car charging point at their home.

To install electric car charging, the cost typically starts at around £500. This is not a very high price for this service however, and may result in a less effective charging station than some owners would want.

The average cost is £1,000 for an electric car charging station, but this price can go even further upwards. Generally speaking, when you hire the right expert, a heftier investment will result in a better quality of charging station.

The equipment required for an electric car charging station is not very big. This means that the vast majority of homes are able to have one. Nevertheless, you should check with an independent expert to confirm that your house can have an electric car charging point, before jumping into it.

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