How to Save on Your Energy Bills in the Home

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How to Save on Your Energy Bills in the Home
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The UK’s cost of living crisis in the second half of 2022 dominated many newspaper headlines and news programmes. People across the country are struggling to make ends meet and pay all the rising energy bills in their home.

Now in 2023, energy bills have remained high, and families throughout the UK are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. So, how can UK households do this? What are some methods that enable these families to save money?

Turn off lights wherever possible

In the UK, energy bills are a large expense for everyday families – with this predominantly consisting of the high electricity and gas charges. This means that it is important for families to save on electricity wherever possible – and turning off lights is one way to do this.

It is important for UK families to consider how they could possibly make more use of natural light. If it can be taken advantage of during the hours that the sun is up, it will remove the need for lights to be turned on, and therefore save on electricity costs.

Families may also benefit from purchasing energy efficient lightbulbs. These bulbs tend to reduce your lighting bills and therefore save on your energy costs.

Turn off standby appliances

A second excellent way to save money on electricity is by turning off standby appliances. Common examples of items that this applies to includes computers and printers, as these still often use energy while in ‘standby mode’.

In addition to this, you may also wish to consider purchasing energy efficient appliances for your kitchen, as doing so might be another way to save on your energy bills.

Keep your central heating usage to a minimum

Central heating represents a significant cost for families in the UK, particularly during the colder months of the year. You should therefore try to keep your central heating use down as much as possible, as it will ensure that your heating costs are not too high, and you will therefore save on your energy bills.

For example, some electric fires are much cheaper than heating the entire house. You may therefore wish to consider using your electric fire (if you have one) and encourage everyone in the property to gather in that room to stay warm while it is on. This will likely be cheaper than heating your entire house.

Cook meals at the same time

If there are lots of different people living in your house, then your energy bills will be very high if people are constantly cooking meals at different times throughout the day.

For example, it may be worth encouraging everyone in the family to start eating dinner at the same time, so the oven is only on once for all the food, rather than being on for the entirety of the night while different people cook their food at different times.

Your family’s eating habits could also be amended to save on your energy bills. For example, eating cold or pre-cooked food which doesn’t need to be put in a microwave or oven will make sure that the person is well-fed, without energy bills going up to cook the food itself. This could possibly be considered when completing your regular food shop.

How can I better insulate my home?

When you improve the insulation in your property, it will reduce your need to turn on the central heating. This scenario is not only better for the environment, but it also reduces your utilities bill.

The best places to add extra insulation are the walls and roof, chimney, doors, windows and floors. Some things you can purchase to insulate these things include:

  • Double or triple glazing
  • Draught-proofing strips
  • Chimney balloon
  • Foam insulation for your floors
  • Cavity walls

There will undoubtedly be experts in your area at implementing these things – or, if you have experience doing so in the past, or feel confident, you can purchase the necessary items and implement them yourself.

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