The Happiest Places to Live in London

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The Happiest Places to Live in London
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London is a vibrant and trendy city that is full of life. According to recent data, England’s capital is amongst the happiest cities to live in not just in the UK but in the world as a whole. That said, London is a massive city. There are dozens and dozens of areas and neighbourhoods that you can pick from.

And as a happy person that wants to live in a happy place, it can be quite tricky to find a spot that’s in line with your attitude for life. So, in this article, we’ve gone over the happiest places to live in the North, East, South, and West London.

The Happiest Places to Live in North London

The Northern part of London is known for its electric mix of green spaces, cultural landmarks, and varied neighbourhoods. And with that in mind, you believe there are many happy places in this part of the UK’s capital. However, the top three include:


Due to being extremely close to the UCL (University College of London), Islington is predominantly filled with students. As a result, it’s home to a thriving nightlife, quirky markets, and cultural venues in the likes of the Sadler’s Wells Theatre.

Properties in this part of town cost just over £800,000, making it one of the most expensive areas to live. However, should you buy a house as an investment while you live here, you can easily sell your house fast when you decide to leave.


Westminster is the heart of London. It’s home to the iconic Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Despite being one of the busiest parts of London, it’s also amongst the happiest. It’s vibrant, energetic, and offers endless opportunities for exploration and entertainment.


Camden is another affluent part of North London. When you walk the streets of Camden, you’ll come across dozens of markets, live music venues, and a bohemian atmosphere that mainly attracts free-spirited, artsy, and musical individuals.

The Happiest Places to Live in East London

East London is renowned for its creative scene, historic significance, and diverse communities. It’s home to many trendy and very happy neighbourhoods. The three that stand out the most include:

Barking and Dagenham

Barking and Dagenham is a super welcoming and strong-spirited community that offers some of the most affordable housing in the entirety of London. As a result of that, it’s home to thousands of families, students, and young professionals who all live in a tight-knit community that values togetherness.


Known for the Olympic Park, Newhmam is one of London’s most recently regenerated parts that has seen a significant boost across all aspects in comparison with the rest of London. It’s home to a diverse food scene, and ongoing community projects, which have attracted tens of thousands of new residents over the last several years.


Havering is known to be a suburban haven just outside of London. It offers some of the most serene environments in the entire city thanks to its fantastic parks, nature reserves, and a strong community, all of which contribute to a peaceful and content atmosphere that you’ll notice the second you step a foot in the area.

The Happiest Places to Live in South London

The South of London is by far the most varied region of the English capital city. It’s home to a mix of vibrant neighbourhoods, a ton of green spaces, lively street markets, and more. If the South of London looks like a place that you’d like to call home, the happiest of places in this part of the city include:


Wandsowrth is one of London’s few happy family-friendly boroughs. It offers the perfect blend of suburban and urban lifestyle without being too far away from the city centre. The air here is cleaner, the parks and walking spaces are spacious, there are plenty of riverside spots, all of which contribute towards a warm and friendly community.


London’s Southwark is a lively borough that’s home to some of London’s most iconic landmarks, some of which include the Shard and the Borough Market. Aside from those, Southwark is also home to a thriving art scene and various bustling markets, which keep the locals and the tourists that visit the area entertained year round.


Lewisham is a vibrant small area right next door to the Hilly Fields park. This multicultural area derives its happiness from its lively street markets, community events, and various green spaces around, one of which is the one we mentioned above.  When you live here for long enough, you’ll feel a true sense of community, which isn’t felt often in most places around London.

The Happiest Places to Live in West London

The West of London boasts elegance and sophistication, which is fairly reflected in the prices of properties here. In this part of London, you’ll see a variety of Victorian architecture, high-end shopping streets, and the iconic Buckingham Palace. The happiest places to live in West London include:

Richmond upon Thames

Richmond upon Thames is deemed the happiest place not just in South London but in London as a whole. It’s a picturesque borough known for its lush green spaces, riverside walks, and stunning historical sites. It exudes happiness with its peacefulness and offers its residents the perfect in-London escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.


As one of the most up-scale parts of London, Kensington radiates happiness with its cultural attractions like the Victoria and Albert Museum, chic boutiques, and stunning gardens where tourists and locals enjoy leisurely strolls and picnics in the sun (when the weather is nice).


Chelsea is a vibrant area renowned for its trendy boutiques, art galleries, and lively atmosphere. The happiness here comes from its upscale charm, bustling social scene, and fashionable lifestyle that appeals to many. Like Kensington, it is an area where only the ultra-wealthy of London live due to properties here costing on average over a million pounds.

As one of the most thriving cities in the UK, London is on the radar for many people that want to call England’s capital city their new home. With that said, you definitely don’t want to live in an area that doesn’t quite reflect your mood and attitude to life.

So, whether you want to live in the West, East, South, or North, we’ve outlined the happiest places in each direction that you can take within London. And hopefully, after reading this article, we have familiarised you with a handful of happy and really great places in London that you can start looking at buying or renting a property.

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