Gadgets & Advice to Cut on Your Home Electric Bill

Get a Deal with Your Energy Company

There is a £300-a-year difference between the best and worst tariffs, according to the price comparison website uSwitch. You can also make serious savings just by changing the way you pay your energy bills. Most energy companies reserve their best deals for online customers. Money comparison site is a good way to look at the different tariff from the different providers so that you can find out how to save energy.

Replace Your TV with a Google Chromecast a PicoProjector and a Small Bluetooth Speaker

If you are like me and you only need a big screen to watch films this is a brilliant idea as it turns your living room into a small cinema theatre although the main disadvantage of this option is the room needs to be quite dark.


1. Chromecast cost £30 – Electric consumption around 2W

2. AAXA P300 LED PicoProjector up to 120-inch screen. This is, in my opinion, the best model out there. There are much cheaper models but for the brightness and resolution, this is the best. Cost £333 – Electric consumption around 25W.

3. Chromecast audio extractor cost £12.50 – Electric consumption around 1.2W. (Not sure if it is needed for that particular projector as some have an audio output on them)

4. iQuaTech speakers cost £29.50 – Electric consumption around 10W.

5. 60 inch projector screen £24.99 can be used as a blind for a window.


The total configuration uses 38.2W – Total price: £429.99

Compare to A+ energy efficient TV uses 69W for a 60-inch screen that cost £828.29.
You could cut down on the energy consumption of the system even further depending on the speaker you choose. If you choose an Apple TV instead of a Chromecast and finally depending on the projector you choose some don’t need an audio extractor as they have an audio output on the device.


Energy Efficient Laptop

Old computers are reputed to draw lots of power; you could buy a Chromebook for less than £200 and save a lot on electricity. Chromebook is a low powered computer that is made primarily to browse the web.


Smart Power Strips

Although not needed if you unplug all your appliances, a smart power strip could save you money because; they automatically cut the power to certain items. It functions as a switch so when your main unit powers off there is no “Standby” electricity being drawn to the other peripherals.


Efficient Shower Heads

Efficient shower heads will save you on hot water but also on electricity especially if you have one of those electric showers. This is due to the fact that you are heating less cold water.


Programmable Thermostat

Programmable smart thermostats like Nest or Honeywell Lyric are a fantastic way to cut on the amount of electricity. If you programmed them correctly they will only heat the house when needed. Some even tap into your phone’s GPS to keeps tabs on your location. For instance, it will begin heating the house when it senses that you’re on your way home from work. If your house is well insulated you could even set the thermostat as low as 16 degrees during the day if you don’t mind wearing more than a t-shirt, and 14 degrees at night if you have a nice duvet to keep you warm.


LED Light Bulbs Vs. Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Led light bulbs are a great way to save on electricity they use less power than Fluorescent light bulbs some led incandescent bulbs use as little as 4W.


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