What is a TR1 Form? (& Can I Complete it Myself?)

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What is a TR1 Form? (& Can I Complete it Myself?)
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Having the correct documents when buying or selling a property in the UK is critical.

Gathering and filling out forms is rarely exciting, but it’s essential for ensuring a smooth and legitimate transaction.

The TR1 form is not one of the first documents that comes to mind when discussing property form-filling, but it is an important one to complete.

Below we have explained what exactly the TR1 form is, and whether you can complete it yourself.

What is a TR1 form?

A TR1 form is a formal document for the UK Land Registry, which transfers ownership of a property from one party to another.

In a residential property transaction, it is usually the seller’s solicitor or conveyancer that prepares the TR1 form. This solicitor (or conveyancer) will complete the form – the seller themselves simply need to provide a signature.

The work involved in getting a TR1 form, and then completing it, is usually part of the fee a solicitor or conveyancer charges. It is rarely quoted as a separate cost.

Why a TR1 form matters

A TR1 form is valuable for the land registry because it ensures that there is a central, up-to-date repository of the correct title deeds. This ensures that title deeds are not lost, altered or stolen by individuals.

Before your solicitor submits a TR1 form, they will usually do two things:

  1. Check whether the property has already been registered with the Land Registry
  2. Check what is in the register and confirm the details.

What information is contained in a TR1 form?

A standard TR1 form in the UK typically provides the following information:

  • Title Numbers
  • Property
  • Date
  • The Transferor
  • The Transferee
  • Address
  • Consideration
  • Title Guarantees
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Additional Provisions
  • Execution (i.e. legally signing the deeds)

Some forms include additional sections and details, stretching beyond the above, so you should not view this list as exhaustive.

When a TR1 form is sent off to the Land Registry, you will typically also need to include:

  • A certificate of identity
  • An AP1 or FR1 form
  • A stamp duty certificate

Can I complete a TR1 form myself?

Yes, you can sometimes complete a TR1 form by yourself.

There is nothing to stop you from doing so. However, you should think carefully before taking this route – it is not recommended…

Sometimes, however, a mortgage lender will insist that there is qualified legal assistance when a TR1 form is completed. In these instances, you have no choice but to bring in a solicitor or conveyancer to help you do this.

You should also keep in mind that completing the TR1 form yourself, without any prior legal experience, may make you more likely to make costly mistakes.

To avoid this, it is recommended that you hire a solicitor or conveyancer with expertise in this area.

When you submit a TR1 form, there is typically a land registry fee payable with the application. You should make sure that the correct amount is paid when you submit the form.

How much does a conveyancer charge for a TR1 form?

The hassle involved in getting a TR1 form, and then completing it, is usually part of the fee a conveyancer or solicitor charges. It is rarely quoted as a separate cost.

How can I get a TR1 form?

If you have decided to complete the TR1 form yourself, without any legal assistance, then you can download a copy of the TR1 form from the UK government website. This is free to download, at the time of writing.

How long does a TR1 form take to process?

Most of the time, you can expect the Land Registry to have a backlog of cases. This means that your TR1 form is unlikely to be dealt with straight away – instead, it will go onto the bottom of the pile. In some cases, it can take weeks – or even months – for the form to be processed.

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