Are Sustainable Kitchens a Must Have for New Homeowners?

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<strong>Are Sustainable Kitchens a Must Have for New Homeowners?</strong>
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When you own a house, there are lots of important decisions which you will have to make. Some families choose to invest in new extensions, or a better driveway… while others opt for an eco-friendly approach to home living.

If you are a new homeowner, then you may be considering the possibility of implementing a sustainable kitchen. But what are the benefits of having a sustainable kitchen? And is it a ‘must have’ for new homeowners? Read on for an answer to all of these questions.

What is a Sustainable Kitchen?

A Sustainable Kitchen is one which has been designed with its environmental impact in-mind. It therefore has eco-friendly features.

There are lots of different ways in which a kitchen can be sustainable. You can even hire specialists who will design your kitchen in an eco-friendly way. Generally speaking though, a sustainable kitchen will contain some of the following things:

  • LED lighting
  • Recycling and compost sections
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Reusable kitchen towels
  • Local ingredients

Some kitchen appliances are sold with their ‘energy efficiency’ as a major benefit.

Sustainable kitchens will also try to avoid harmful materials wherever possible, such as plastic.

How much does a Sustainable Kitchen cost?

Many people expect a sustainable kitchen to be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, it is completely free to instigate recycling and composting in your kitchen. It also doesn’t have to be expensive to replace plastic with other materials.

On the other hand, it may cost you a bit more money to pay for energy efficient appliances. Furthermore, it is important that all your cookware is high-quality, because it is not good for the environment if you keep switching microwaves every 6 months. After all, that’s a lot of wasted equipment which ends up in the bin!

A sustainable kitchen costs however much you are willing to spend. The average kitchen is not cheap, but to introduce completely eco-friendly appliances and local ingredients, you can expect the costs to increase by around 20 to 30 percent.

Pros of having a Sustainable Kitchen

There are many advantages to having a sustainable kitchen – and these are often a key factor in families implementing one in their home.

Sustainable kitchens have a greatly reduced carbon footprint, compared to regular kitchens in other homes. This means that you will be doing your bit to protect the environment and keep our planet healthy.

When you have a sustainable kitchen, it also puts the safety and health of your household first. For example, while plastic utensils are cheaper, they contain BPA and other harmful chemicals such as lead.

Purchasing local produce also means that you are supporting your community, and nearby businesses. Sustainable kitchens can therefore be an excellent way to invest back into your local community.

There can also be longer-term financial benefits to eco-friendly kitchens, when you purchase long-lasting appliances which don’t break for many decades.

Cons of having a Sustainable Kitchen

The up-front cost of getting a sustainable kitchen is a major drawback for lots of households. Unfortunately, it is more expensive in the short-term to install a sustainable kitchen, and you will therefore need to save up to install one.

It can also be challenging to only use local produce in your kitchen. While the idea of doing so is pleasant, and helps you support local business, it can quickly turn into a headache which increases the cost of your weekly shop. You may also have to go out of your way to find produce which is locally grown.

Are Sustainable Kitchens a Must Have for New Homeowners?

Whether you want to invest in a sustainable kitchen will largely depend on your budget, and how important protecting the environment is to you. For those who care deeply about looking after our planet, a sustainable kitchen is viewed as an absolute priority.

On the other hand, some families without large budgets do not consider this an important thing to have. Spending your up-front money in other ways – such as on a holiday, or an extension to your property – is often favoured.

Therefore, investing in a sustainable kitchen needs to appeal not only to your emotions, but to your financial situation, too.

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