Where are the Best Places to Live in Bolton for Families?

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Where are the Best Places to Live in Bolton for Families?
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Are you and your family thinking about moving to Bolton? You’re not alone. Every year, we help families up and down the country sell their flat fast so they can unlock the cash value of their property before buying or renting their new place in Bolton.

If you and your family are set on moving to Bolton but aren’t quite sure where to yet, this article is just for you. Today, we’re going to explore a handful of the best places for families to live in Bolton. When picking these areas, we considered everything that the typical family would find important, some of which include:

  • Safety
  • Value for money
  • Schools
  • Green spaces
  • Clean air

But before we explore the best residential areas for families in Bolton, let’s first take a look at what makes Bolton such an attractive destination for families in the first place.

There are many reasons why hundreds of families make the decision to move to Bolton each year. And one of them is purely because Bolton is very close to Manchester. As a result of that, families who work in Manchester don’t need to travel very far for work while still being able to enjoy the semi-rural lifestyle that Bolton has to offer. Aside from that, other reasons why Bolton is so popular for families include:

  • Bolton is home to many prestigious primary and secondary high schools
  • Bolton offers the perfect balance between rural and urban lifestyle
  • The average property in Bolton costs £90,000 less than in Manchester

Best Areas for Families to Live in Bolton

There are many different areas in and around Bolton that can be suitable places for families. Following our in-depth research, however, we believe that the areas we’ll tell you about in a moment are the ones you should pay the most attention to. 


Situated just four miles to the west of the Bolton City Centre, you’ll find the lively residential district of Lostock. This part of Bolton is mostly known for its green spaces, such as Moss Bank Park and the Doffcocker Lodge, which are excellent spots for outdoor activities. Lostock is also known for its number of excellent schools, such as the Lostock Playschool and Lostock Primary School.

Aside from its green areas and great schools, Lostock is also popular among working families because it sits right on the M61, which goes straight into Manchester. That way, families working in Manchester can enjoy a life outside the big city without being too far away (just 16.4 miles out).

Regarding property prices, the average house in the area sold for £282,183 last year. If you’re thinking of renting, then be prepared to spend anywhere from £1,000 to £2,000 on rent each month.


Situated southeast of Bolton, the residential town of Kearsley is another hot spot for families looking to move to Bolton. One particular advantage of Kearsley is that it’s situated on the way to Manchester, making it one of the primary areas for families who work and regularly visit Manchester but don’t want to live in the city itself.

Despite its excellent location, the average property here just last year sold for £184,922, which is cheaper than the average property price for Bolton. If you were to rent, you can find quite a decent home for around £800 to £1,000 per month.

Aside from that, Kearsley is also one of the greenest residential towns in the area. Although there are many green spaces around, one notable green area that is popular amongst locals is the Clifton Country Park. There are also several great schools in the area, which families find very useful thanks to their convenient locations.

Bromley Cross

The residential area of Bromley Cross is another lucrative destination for families looking to relocate to Bolton. This part of town is situated just 3 miles to the north of the Bolton City Centre, offering the perfect balance between urban and rural lifestyle.

Property prices here are quite high (around £50,000 above average), but there are many good reasons why that is. For starters, Bromley Cross is one of the safest districts in Bolton. It’s also home to numerous schools and plenty of green areas, such as the Jumbles Country Park.

If you were to rent a property in this part of town, you can expect to pay anywhere from £1,000 to £1,250 per month for a standard 3-bedroom home.

Some other notable areas in Bolton that can meet the average family’s needs include Chorley, Over Hulton, and Farnworth.

If you’re thinking about moving to Bolton with your family, you should carefully consider your options and choose the area that you like the most. Fortunately, quite a few family-friendly areas in Bolton have everything a family could need, ranging from great schools and green spaces to various amenities and entertainment options.

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