How Easy Is It to Get Flood Risk Home Insurance?

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How Easy Is It to Get Flood Risk Home Insurance?
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There are lots of different types of insurance available to homeowners – and one of these is flood risk home insurance. This type of insurance is particularly common in areas where houses are likely to experience flooding, and the owners therefore want to protect themselves from the damages.

But what is flood risk home insurance? And how easy is it to get? Read on for a clear answer to these two important questions, and more.

What is Flood Risk Home Insurance?

Flood home insurance covers you for damages and losses caused by flood water. This type of insurance is usually part of a standard home insurance policy.

Flood risk home insurance is often a priority for people who live in an area which is more liable to flooding. This might include a low-lying area close to a river, lagoon or lake. Furthermore, if you are applying for flood risk home insurance and your property has a history of flooding, then you are required to inform your insurance provider of this.

Flood risk home insurance will typically cover the cost of repairing and/or replacing damaged belongings, furniture, fixtures, and fittings. Examples of things which may fall into this category include:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Carpet
  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Clothing
  • The foundation of your property

Not only should your flood risk home insurance policy cover all of the above, but it should also cover the cost of removing any debris.

What are flood barriers for homes?

A flood barrier is a removable device which prevents your house from flooding. They can usually be set up and taken down again, and their purpose is to redirect or hold back flood waters. Flood barriers are very easy to quickly setup if a flood seems likely, and they can be taken down during drier periods.

There are many different types of flood barriers, mostly varying by size (and therefore price). The width of the entryway that you are looking to use the barrier in will determine which one you should purchase.

Should I get floor barriers for my home?

Besides the obvious advantages of protecting your property from flooding, there are additional benefits to getting flood barriers for your home.

Many barriers have adjustable height lengths, which allow you to alter the barrier itself according to how much water is coming through. You will also find that flood barriers are not limited to the size of a single entryway. This means that several barriers can be positioned side-by-side, which enables a longer, continuous barrier around larger buildings and land.

On the other hand, it will cost you money to purchase a flood barrier. The price of a high-quality barrier can vary significantly, from £150 for a very small and simple one, up to £1,000 for the largest, most complex and adjustable.

With some types of flood barriers – for example, flood barrier posts – there may also be upfront costs for installation. You should therefore consider these costs if you are interested in purchasing a more complex barrier which requires installation.

Whether you should get flood barriers for your home depends on your budget, your insurance, and how likely you are to experience flooding. If you have expensive possessions in your property which you are unable to replace, then it is an extremely good idea to get flood barriers. However, if you are less concerned about this, and cannot afford the cost of a flood barrier, then perhaps it is not such a good idea.

How Easy Is It to Get Flood Risk Home Insurance?

It is relatively easy to get flood risk home insurance. Your mortgage company usually insists on you taking out buildings insurance, which will often include flood cover. In certain areas which are notoriously liable to flooding, it is almost expected that everyone living there has flood risk home insurance.

You should check on insurance comparison websites if you want to find out the best flood risk home insurance offers you can get. There are lots of resources out there – so it is easy to find out what this type of insurance might look like.

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