UK Property Stress Survey

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UK Property Stress Survey
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Survey shows the stress of the UK property market

More than 80 percent of homeowners say that buying or selling a house is stressful – making it the toughest life event that we all have to face.

The statistic came out of a survey conducted by We Buy Any Home, which saw more than 1,000 homeowners across the country quizzed for their views.

Buying and selling houses came above taking a driving test, organising a wedding, having a child and starting a new job when it comes to the stress caused – although the people who do go through a divorce rate do this as similarly stressful.

The number one stress for house sellers is the sheer amount of time they have to wait before they can move on with their lives – which is why many people turn to online sellers for where selling houses fast is commonplace.

The below infographic shows the full findings of the survey, including the places in the country which are more stressed about property than London…

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