How to Sell an Empty House Fast UK

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How to Sell an Empty House Fast UK
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However, sometimes the property is one of many owned by the seller, meaning they have somewhere else to live.

A tenant might have recently lived there or it might be a probate property that has been cleared out.

In some cases, a property might need repairs and renovations or even be derelict to the point of being unlivable.

New developments and investment properties tend to be empty because it’s the first time they have been listed on the market.

Should I get unoccupied property insurance?

Home insurance is an integral part of all kinds of property ownership.

Many major insurance companies offer homeowners unoccupied property insurance. This enables you to fully protect your property when nothing is in it.

If your house is likely to be empty for more than 60 days, you should consider this option.

Most home insurance policies only cover an empty property for up to 60 days – but with unoccupied property insurance, you are covered for up to 12 months.

The exact way insurers define ‘unoccupied’ varies. So, make sure you do your research on any policy you consider.

Speak to an insurance expert who can guide you on the advantages and pitfalls of this insurance type.

Do empty houses sell for less?

There is no data suggesting that empty houses sell for more or less. It all depends on the buyer and the property itself.

Some people prefer to buy a neutral, empty house, while others like to see what the previous owners did with the place.

In many cases, house sellers will include furniture in their sale to increase their asking price.

Whether this tactic works depends on whether or not the buyer needs furniture and likes the seller’s furniture.

Conversely, selling a house with furniture the buyer doesn’t need or like may decrease its value.

So, in summary: as long as your empty house is well-maintained and clean, it should sell for just as much as any other. 

Are empty houses harder to sell?

With an empty house, there are fewer details to differentiate yourself from other properties on the market.

Your square footage and price will be the two most distinguishing features – meaning that other factors, such as decoration or furniture, will not play a part.

Some estate agents argue that empty homes don’t sell quickly as buyers focus on the negatives.

After all, if a room is filled with furniture, viewers will spend their time admiring that and the overall aesthetic.

But in an empty property, the cracks on the wall and fading paint might grab their attention.

Other estate agents argue that empty houses are just as easier if not easier to sell.

Either way, without data (which must be conditional to many other factors), there is currently no definitive answer to this question.

Should I empty my house before I sell it?

It all depends on the situation, namely: the nature of what’s in the house and whether or not you or the buyer wants it.

If the house has lots of unwanted junk, emptying it beforehand is a good idea.

This is especially advisable if you have inherited the probate property from a hoarder.

Most of the stuff there will be old and of no real value, meaning a buyer won’t want to take it over.

On the other hand, if you have valuable pieces of furniture, you could use them as bargaining chips to get a better selling price.

Advantages of selling an empty house

Selling your house empty can give your potential buyer a ‘blank canvas’ upon which they can imagine themselves living.

For example, if they dislike your taste in furniture, they will only walk away from the house if it is full.

Rooms often look brighter and larger without furniture, and cleaning an empty property is much easier.

Selling an empty house has logistical advantages, too.

It’s easier to arrange viewings, and you don’t have to move all of your belongings out of the property!

Disadvantages of selling an empty house

Some estate agents argue that buyers find it challenging to envisage themselves living in your house if it is empty.

The sofas, beds, and kitchen appliances make it look ‘lived in’. This inspires the viewer to imagine where different items could go and how they could make it their own.

Similarly, it can be more challenging for potential buyers to form an emotional attachment to an empty house.

How to stage an empty house for selling

When you are selling an empty house, staging is everything.

The minor details on the outskirts of the room will become more noticeable, so it is crucial to keep it extremely clean.

You don’t want your house to look empty when buyers first pull up outside, so adding some curb appeal is essential:

  • Keep the front garden well-mowed
  • Trim any hedges
  • Fix cracks in the pavement or driveway.
  • Giving the property a fresh coat of paint (both on the front door and all the house walls)

You should also tend to any mould or damp that has appeared, as it doesn’t make the best first impression (even if the survey reveals it).

Use natural lighting wherever you can, i.e., open curtains and blinds.

If it isn’t cold outside, keep the houses’ windows open for at least thirty minutes before viewings to reduce or expel any musty smells.

How to sell an empty house fast in the UK

The time it takes to sell a house depends on several factors.

Nothing stops you from selling your empty house with an estate agent – but this is not the fastest way to offload it.

The question of how to sell your house faster has a twofold answer:

If you want to sell an empty house quickly, selling it to a cash buying company is undoubtedly the fastest way.

The most reliable cash-buying companies can purchase your property within 7 days, as they are not reliant on a mortgage (they have all the funds up front).

You can also sell an empty property at an auction house, although this will typically take a month or two rather than a few days.

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