How to Choose a Trustworthy Fast House Sales Company

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How to Choose a Trustworthy Fast House Sales Company
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Often, moving house can be a drawn-out, stressful affair which requires plenty of decision making. But in some circumstances, property owners would like their house to be sold as soon as possible. Where selling a house through an estate agent or online listing is likely to take months – using a sell house fast service such as ours at We Buy Any Home should ensure that you sell your property quickly, securely and for a fair price. Your home is a valuable asset which is why you should ensure that you deal with a trusting and reliable company. Unlike WeBuyAnyHome, there are companies which will not provide the service they claim to. Some companies will heap non-negotiated, added expenses onto the seller and leave them with far less money than they should have received for their home.

To avoid these unnecessary issues, here are some warning signs to look out for before doing business with a fast house sales company:

Is the company registered?

Search the company’s name on companies house – an unregistered company may suggest they have something to hide. Even if they appear on this listing, it may be worth checking their annual turnover. A new and/or unprofitable company could be a sign of inexperience within any industry, therefore you should tread carefully before trusting them to deal with such a valuable transaction in real estate.

Are they a member of The National Association of Property Buyers?

Make sure to check if the company is a member of The National Association of Property Buyers.  A group of professionals committed to providing the highest possible standards in the property buying sector. We are proud to say WeBuyAnyhome is a member of NAPB.

How old is the company?

Companies which have only been established for a few years may lack certain knowledge and experience of the property market. WeBuyAnyHome shares over 30 year’s experience amongst its property professionals in buying houses. This experience and understanding of the market mean the company can offer a fair surveyance and valuation of a home that will match any other fast house sales company in the country.

Does the company really buy for cash?

The main reason for using fast house sales companies is to make a sale fast! But there are actually very few companies who offer cash directly for homes, especially within a week of the transaction. Some who claim to be buy-for-cash companies are actually middlemen looking to pass on details to other would be buyers. Request evidence of the company’s previous dealings so you can make sure they are the real deal.

Be wary of bold claims

WeBuyAnyHome will not pay the full market valuation of a property, and you should be wary of any company that claims to. Fast house sales companies buy houses for a price which they can then make a profit on, this cannot be achieved by buying a property at full valuation. A company may make such attractive offers to lure you into doing business with them, before suddenly dropping their valuation. An initial valuation is mandatory based on the information you give about a home but do not take this as a final price. It is always worth a second opinion, and an estate agent may be useful in providing you with a valuation – even if you have no intention of using them for a final sale.

Are there added expenses?

Just when you thought the sale was about to go through as smoothly as you could have hoped for, you could be lumped with the added expense of a solicitor and legal fees. Before confirming any deal, it is worth checking to see if the company takes care of these expenses for you. At WeBuyAnyHome, we will make these arrangements with no surprise added cost at the end.

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