Can I Put Offers on Multiple Houses?

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Can I Put Offers on Multiple Houses?
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Placing an offer on a house is an extremely exciting moment.

You have already spoken in-depth with your estate agent and decided on the optimum price.

Next, you wait for response from the seller…

But what happens if you are slightly less clear about what your ‘dream house’ looks like?

What if, for example, you are attracted to two (or more) different houses, and want to put an offer on multiple properties?

Keeping your options open in this way is common throughout the UK. That’s why we have written this blog to answer your questions on this topic.

Can I put offers on multiple houses?

Yes, you are allowed to put offers on multiple houses in most parts of the UK.

Until an exchange of contracts takes place, you are not legally required to honour an offer. So, you can therefore pull out of a deal if you wish.

You should keep in mind that if both of your offers are accepted, then you need to decide which property you will buy.

(Unless, of course, you can afford to buy both!)

The situation is different in Scotland…

You should be more wary about placing offers on multiple houses in Scotland.

This is because, in Scotland, an offer becomes binding once it is accepted. You could therefore be sued if your offer is accepted and you then pull out of it.

Why might you put offers on multiple houses?

It is common to put offers on multiple houses when you have not yet made up your mind on one property. After all, you might want to keep your options open.

You’re in two minds about location

This situation may arise if you are undecided between moving to two different locations, and therefore want to place an offer on a property in each one.

You’re uncertain about the seller

You may also put offers on multiple houses if there is one property which you prefer, but you are uncertain about the sellers.

Perhaps they seem untrustworthy to you, or you suspect that they will not end up selling their house at all.

In that case, you may want to look elsewhere so you ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ if the seller pulls out.

You have different views to your co-buyer

Perhaps you are buying your property with someone else – your husband, wife, or sibling, etc.

In this case, perhaps you both have different views on which property you would prefer to buy. You know it needs to be one of them, but you need more time to discuss the matter.

Pros and cons of putting offers on multiple houses

Pros of putting on multiple offers

Putting offers on multiple houses enables you to keep your options open. This is important if you have not yet decided on a specific property, living arrangement, or even location.

Some people believe that it is advantageous to put offers on multiple houses, because it ‘strengthens’ you position as a buyer.

If the seller knows that you can easily go elsewhere, and have other options available, then it may make them keener to rush your deal through. This is especially true if they don’t have other offers coming in.

Cons of putting offers on multiple houses

On the other hand, putting offers on multiple houses can cause the seller to doubt your seriousness about purchasing the property. As a result, the seller may opt for another potential buyer who has only made one offer.

You should also be wary about putting offers on multiple houses with the same estate agent, because this can make you appear less favourable to mortgage lenders.

Another disadvantage of putting offers on multiple properties is that it could increase the costs associated with buying the house.

For example, if your offer is accepted on several houses, you may have to pay for a survey to be completed on all the properties, which will increase your costs.

The house buying process is largely built on trust. Unfortunately, placing offers on multiple houses can erode this trust with the seller, and often result in them turning elsewhere (if they are able to do so).

You are far more likely to end up without any accepted offers if you make multiple offers and the seller finds out.

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