How Can I Make My Flat Sell Faster?

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How Can I Make My Flat Sell Faster?
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In an ideal world, almost every property transaction would be completed quickly. It is rare for people to get enjoyment out of a dragged-out process – and that’s why when the time comes to sell, flat owners want to know how they can sell their property as quickly as possible.

There are lots of things you can do to make your flat sell faster. Some of these may be attractive options to you, and others may not – but if your top priority is a quick transaction, then this blog should give you lots of excellent ideas. Read our top tips below and contact us if you want to sell your flat fast.

1. Make it more attractive to buyers

Properties with attractive qualities almost always sell quicker because they are more in demand. Except for property developers who invest in flats for a profit, very few traditional buyers will be attracted to a property which needs lots of improvements. Therefore, if you want lots of people to bid on your flat, take steps to make it stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

Some simple things you can do to improve your flat’s viability for buyers includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Repainting walls which are fading away
  • Dusting
  • Fixing squeaky floorboards
  • Replacing broken lightbulbs

Each of these suggestions is a relatively inexpensive thing to do, but it can make a huge difference to the overall appeal of the flat. When you take care of the small details, viewings will be much more successful, and you will receive more offers on your property from people who want to snap it up quickly.

2. Reduce your price

A second way to sell your flat quickly is to reduce your asking price. In lots of property transactions, a great deal of time is spent negotiating over price, because the potential buyer does not want to meet the seller’s asking price.

However, if you reduce your price slightly, you will typically find that more buyers are willing to meet your asking price. It should therefore take you less time to find a suitable buyer, and the flat will be sold more quickly.

3. Sell privately to a family member or friend

You can achieve a fast sale of your flat when you sell it privately to a family member or friend. This approach allows you to cut out the lengthy process of finding a suitable buyer, as well as an estate agent who can represent your property. Instead, you get to ensure that your flat goes to someone you are fond of, while removing many of the time-consuming aspects of selling a property.

4. Sell to a cash buyer like We Buy Any Home

Selling to a cash buyer is undoubtedly the best way to sell your flat quickly. Some cash buyers like We Buy Any Home can complete the sale of your property within 7 days, and this means that you have access to the funds from your flat sale and can use them however you wish. If you need a large sum of cash in a short period of time, then this is an excellent way of making that happen.

When you sell to a cash buyer, it will typically reduce the fees that you have to pay. For example, unlike estate agencies, We Buy Any Home doesn’t take any commission on the sale, and we also pay for your legal fees. These financial advantages make a significant difference in balancing out the slightly reduced price that you receive for your flat.

Furthermore, unlike estate agents, online listing services and auctions, trustworthy cash buyers like We Buy Any Home can 100% guarantee a sale on your property. This is an important factor because while some estate agents may promise a fast sale, they cannot guarantee that reliable buyers will show up. On the other hand, a cash buyer is purchasing the property directly with their own funds and are therefore not reliant on any third parties to do so.

Are there improvements which shouldn’t be made when selling a flat?

If your goal is to sell your flat as quickly as possible, then there are definitely some alterations which you should not waste your time with. These changes are rarely cared about by potential buyers, yet they will add to the time it takes to prepare for your flat for a sale. Key examples include:

  • Decoration
  • Minor HVAC, electrical, or plumbing issues
  • Cracks on the driveway or pavement
  • Removable items
  • Blinds

These alterations are unlikely to make a big difference to your ability to sell the flat – it is far more important to follow one of the three main strategies we provided further up in this blog.

For more advice on selling and owning property, such as how to complete an asbestos survey, We Buy Any Home has a huge selection of blogs which provide guidance on important issues.

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