Where are the Best Places to Live in Nottingham for Families?

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Where are the Best Places to Live in Nottingham for Families?
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In recent years, Nottingham has caught the eye of many families seeking an affordable, safe and welcoming place to live. 

If you’re looking for a change of scenery for you and your family, it could well be the place for you. 

To help you get an idea of what Nottingham has to offer, we’ve gone ahead and listed the 5 best places for families to live in Nottingham. Each location has been selected for its safety, quietness and access to good schools. 


Situated in the southeast of Nottingham, Beeston is a peaceful haven that’s beloved by families. The laid-back atmosphere greets you as soon as you enter this leafy suburb. 

Although it’s only a few miles away from the city centre, it has a friendly village feel. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on here. Beeston has its own high street chock-full of big-name stores as well as quirky independent businesses. You’ll find it has all the amenities you need without having to venture into the city.

If you do need to travel, you won’t be waiting long with Nottingham’s award-winning public transport system. Buses run 24/7 throughout Beeston and there are electronic signs at most bus stops. If you miss your bus into town, a glance up at the sign will tell you how many minutes away the next one is. This is a real plus for family members who need to commute to work or school. 

Beeston also has a tram stop that connects with the city as well as its own train station. With trains stopping by constantly, you’ll have no problem getting about if you need to travel outside the city. If you prefer cycling, you’ll find no shortage of cycle paths throughout Beeston, including a path alongside the nearby River Trent that runs through Nottingham.

As the home of Boots’ national headquarters and the proximity to major employers Queen’s Medical Centre and The University of Nottingham, Beeston offers ample job opportunities. Its town centre is also a bonus for those looking for local work. 

In terms of housing, much of Beeston is made up of detached and semi-detached housing. The average house price in the last year was $278,733, according to Rightmove. It makes Beeston houses more expensive than the average in Nottingham, which sells for £246,762. 

However, you can still expect to find excellent value in Beeston. Especially when you consider the low crime rates, closeness to QMC hospital, and many open spaces. It’s a great middle ground between other places on this list. You can feel confident it has everything your family needs for a safe, happy and fulfilling lifestyle. 

The Park

One of the most beautiful and serene places in Nottingham, it’s hard to believe The Park is only a few minute’s drive away from the city centre. 

Once upon a time, this area was Nottingham Castle’s deer park. Now it’s a private housing estate with a palpable sense of history. 

To this day, the street lights run on gas. The sturdy, Victorian-style houses are large, with expansive gardens and driveways. There are two spotless gardens in the middle of the estate. 

The average house price in The Park is £351,683, making it one of Nottingham’s most lavish areas. But houses here invariably justify their price. 

As one of the smaller areas on our list, The Park is light on amenities and public transport.

If you need a bus it’s only a few minutes walk to Castle Boulevard or Derby Road where buses are almost constant and will take you in or out of the city. The easy access to these major roads also makes it easy to drive in and out of this suburb without encountering congestion. It’s an almost entirely residential area, with little reason for people to pass by, so it’s always quiet and clean.

The Park is a very popular area for families and retirees who desire a slower-paced neighbourhood. It has an independent nursery on its doorstep, and is a stone’s throw from Nottingham High School, consistently rated as the best school in the East Midlands. 


Wollaton is a place you don’t want to overlook. This is a beautiful part of Nottingham that’s best known for its famous Wollaton Park. The suburb and the park are a match made in heaven. Both are spacious, green and welcoming. 

As a resident of Wollaton, you can expect a quiet life detached from the hustle and bustle of Nottingham’s exciting city centre. It’s an especially safe area, and locals think of it as a paradise. Houses cost an average of £332,100, and there’s a mixture of classic Victorian and modern properties. 

From Wollaton, it’s easy to pop into the city. Like most areas in Nottingham, Wollaton makes full use of the city’s excellent public transport system. Whether you need to get into the city for work or pleasure, you’ll only need to take a short trip. 

In terms of schools, it contains Bluecoat Wollaton Academy, a secondary school rated “Outstanding” in all categories by Ofsted. On top of this, there are several preschools and nurseries in the area. 

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West Bridgford

West Bridgford is another exceptional suburb that should be on your radar as a potential place to move your family. With such a strong demand for housing in this area, it may be a challenge to get your dream home. But with a little bit of luck, you’ll quickly see why West Bridgford is Nottingham’s most popular location. 

In addition to Premier League football club Nottingham Forest, West Bridgford is home to the world-class Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. With so much live sport within walking distance, it’s a perfect place for families who like days out. 

There’s plenty more on offer besides that, though. West Bridgford also contains its own town centre with a wide variety of shops, pubs and restaurants. You’ll find no shortage of green spaces and children’s play areas here too. 

One of the best things about West Bridgford is its access to great schools. Two secondary schools, The Nottingham Emmanuel School and The West Bridgford School, are nearby. There are also many primary schools and nurseries in the area. 

It’s safe to say West Bridgford can offer something to all family members. Although properties are priced at £384,100 on average, this covers a wide price range from £150,000 to properties exceeding £1,000,000. There are plenty of affordable homes in West Bridgford and its surrounding areas that continue to improve to meet its high standards. 


It’s no wonder that so many young families choose Mapperley when buying their first home. This charming area ticks all the boxes for happy family life whilst offering affordable housing. 

Running through Mapperley is the lively Woodborough Road, a microcosm for the rest of Nottingham. It has all the amenities you need, including supermarkets, pharmacies, hairdressers and restaurants. But situated on either side of this main road are the quiet family neighbourhoods with a variety of different-sized houses and new builds. In typical Nottingham style, many of the streets sit beneath a canopy of overhanging tree leaves. 

Families can feel confident they have hospitals and dentists within close distance. Nottingham City Hospital is on the edge of Mapperley. What’s more, Nottingham’s large recreation ground is within walking distance. The Forest Rec Ground provides ample space for picnics and outdoor family activities. It is also the site of the annual Nottingham Goose Fair. 

With regards to schools, The Wells Academy, which is rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted, and many primary schools are accessible to Mapperley residents.

Commuters will be impressed by the constant flow of buses through Mapperley. For those who drive to work outside of Nottingham, there’s easy access to the A60 and M1, which connects to Sherwood Business Park, the home to many of Nottingham’s top employers. 

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