Where Should First-Time Buyers Consider Buying in Newcastle?

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<strong>Where Should First-Time Buyers Consider Buying in Newcastle?</strong>
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Newcastle is a fantastic place to live if you’re a first-time buyer, with a great combination of exciting city life, quiet suburbs, and some more rural areas too.

House prices are considerably cheaper in the North than in more Southern areas of the country, so it’s no wonder first-time buyers are flocking to Newcastle in search of their first property.

So, where should you consider buying in Newcastle if you’re a first-time buyer? We’ve collated ten areas in Newcastle that are a must-see, so grab yourself a cuppa and check out our top areas to scout out for your first property.


If you’re looking for a quiet location that’s not too far from the city centre, the district suburb of Heaton could be for you. This small area is just 2 miles from the centre of Newcastle, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city centre, but also enjoying being a mere ten minutes away from the main shops and restaurants.

The average property price in Heaton is £233,333, which makes it very feasible for first-time buyers. It’s a popular area for students given the nearby university, and even has its own train station making transport super easy.

North Shields

North Shields is a great option for first-time buyers if you’d like some history and culture with your new home. If you like finding lots of things to do on the weekend, North Shields will be a great location for you, as there are many popular attractions including the Royal Quays Marina, Tynemouth Aquarium and Cullercoats Bay. The Lights of North Shields are a sight to behold in the evenings, with a viewing platform, event space, café, and museum.

The average property price in North Shields is £201,393, making it a good location for first-time buyers. There are good transport links with a train station and tramway service in the town, and a local ferry takes people to South Shields on the opposite bank of the River Tyne.

South Shields

Across the water from North Shields is South Shields, another excellent location for first-time buyers to consider. South Shields is a small town on the coast of Newcastle and is well known for its expansive beaches and limestone cliffs. The current town was founded as a fishing village in 1245 and has become popular with tourists in the North of England due to its seaside attractions.

Property prices in South Shields average at around £186,904, making it a fantastic opportunity for first-time buyers to live in a seaside location for a reasonable cost.  Despite being on the coast, it has excellent transport links into central Newcastle with its reliable metro line.


If you’re looking for your first property in an area with a great reputation, Fenham could be the choice for you. Fenham is a large residential area in the west end of Newcastle and has a range of local amenities including a public library, community centre and a range of public and private schools.

It is easily accessible by bus and metro line into Newcastle city centre and neighbouring towns. This attracts many students and professionals to the area, as they can live in a quiet suburb while enjoying the nearby perks of the city. Fenham has an average property price of £131,087, making it a good option if you’re looking to move to Newcastle to purchase your first property.


One of the most popular residential areas in Newcastle is Gosforth, a rural suburb of the main city and a sought-after area by first-time buyers. Gosforth is a vibrant area with a fantastic sense of community that will be very welcoming if you’re looking for your first property in Newcastle. It has a lively high street with popular lunch spots and bars and has a population of just over 23,000 people.

If you’re the sporty type, Gosforth will be particularly appealing, boasting a swimming pool, rugby club, bowling greens and golf courses. Property prices average at around £330,382, making it a suitable choice for first-time buyers that want to live in a more up-market area but still at a reasonable price.

Newcastle Quayside

Quayside is a great location if you’re keen to live bang in the middle of the city centre, with fantastic views of the Tyne Bridge and other famous bridges in Newcastle. There’s a popular market which runs every Sunday, plus great attractions including the Victorian tunnel, Ouseburn and a huge selection of local bars/restaurants.

House prices in Newcastle Quayside are an average of £233,333, an excellent price for first-time buyers that are keen on living in the city centre. The majority of properties are flats due to the coastal location, and there are plenty of apartments and hotels you can stay at while you property hunt.


Next up on our list is Tynemouth, a beautiful coastal town in the metropolitan borough of North Tyneside. Just eight miles from central Newcastle, Tynemouth is a great area if you want to live on the coast with plenty of shops and restaurants while remaining a short drive from the larger city. It’s steeped in history, with must-see attractions such as Tynemouth Castle, the Tynemouth pier and lighthouse as well as The Spanish Battery of 1870.

Tynemouth has great transport links with its popular metro station and has a population of just over 17,000 people. This is a popular location for first-time buyers looking to live on the coast, with average property prices of £326,477.


If you’re a first-time buyer looking for an affluent area of Newcastle, Jesmond may be the location for you. It’s considered to be one of the most prosperous areas of Newcastle, with higher house prices than other local areas but bags of history and posh boutiques to show for it.

Jesmond is known for its tennis club, rural conservation areas and notable people including industrialist William Armstrong, golfer Lee Westwood and singers Bryan Ferry and Sting. Property prices in Jesmond are higher than other Newcastle areas, with average property prices of £259,081, however, you’ll be living in one of the top residential destinations in the North with beautiful tree-lined roasts of Victorian and Georgian properties.


Chopwell is a great choice if you’re looking for a smaller area that is still near to larger towns/cities. This quaint village is home to less than 10,000 people and was traditionally an area of coal mining. Chopwell has a vibrant, welcoming community, focusing on independent shops and restaurants that will appeal to many first-time buyers.

Property prices in Chopwell average at around £157,000, making it an excellent location for your first step on the property ladder.


For first-time buyers looking to move to a small market town, Hexham could be your ideal location. Hexham has beautiful areas to explore including Sele Park, floral town centre gardens as well as the historic Hexham House. There’s a popular Christmas market that runs each year and Hexham is rich in history dating back to the 1300s. Property prices average at around £309,852, making this area a great one for first-time buyers that are looking to buy and settle in an area.

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