Liverpool’s Most Affordable and Most Expensive Streets

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Liverpool’s Most Affordable and Most Expensive Streets
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As one of the UK’s fastest-growing cities, Liverpool is home to some fairly expensive stress where the average house price is way above the Liverpool and national average. That said, there are just as many (if not more) streets around Liverpool where house prices are so affordable that almost anyone can purchase one.

So, whether you’re after a modest property that wouldn’t put a strain on your bank account or after a property in one of Liverpool’s most affluent areas, read this article until the end. Over the next 5-10 minutes, we’ll go over Liverpool’s most affordable and expensive streets to buy a property.

Most Expensive Streets in Liverpool

Victoria Road, Formby

The ultra-rich of Liverpool live on Victoria Road in Formby. Just last year, properties sold for an average of £2,075,000, which is over £1.8 million over the Liverpool average for property prices. House prices here soared during the last year as they increased by over 45% and over 18% since the 2016 peak of £1,758,333.

The average house here looks like a palace. All houses are detached and have huge front and back gardens, at least five bedrooms with a number of bathrooms, spacious kitchens, beautiful indoor interiors, and large windows that let in a ton of natural light throughout the day.

As property prices here are exceptionally high compared to the Liverpool average, Victoria Road and Formby as a whole is deemed one of the safest areas in Liverpool.

Shireburn Road, Formby

Situated 13.6 miles to the North of the Liverpool city centre, Shireburn Road is one of Liverpool’s most expensive streets. The average house in this part of Liverpool sold for over £1,000,000 last year, and it’s easy to see why.

Formby not only sits right on the coast, allowing its residents easy access to its stunning natural beach, but the houses on this street are unreal. The average house here is detached, and with over five bedrooms and bathrooms a massive front and back garden, and they look nothing like what you would imagine when you think of a house in Liverpool.

Runnymede Close, Woolton

Located in the Liverpool suburb of Woolton, Runnymede Close is another affluent part of Liverpool, this time located 6.1 miles to the south of the Liverpool centre. The average house on this street of Woolton sold for £1,020,000 last year – up 3% from the year before and down 14% from the 2020 peak of £1,185,00.

If you head over to Google Maps, you’ll see that the street is nothing special. In fact, we thought that we had landed in the wrong place as it didn’t look like a millionaire’s road. However, when you look at the houses that have been sold, you’ll quickly see why it’s deemed one of Liverpool’s most expensive roads.

Cheapest Streets in Liverpool

New Road Court

Situated in close proximity to the Newsham Park and Garden, New Road Court is one of Liverpool’s cheapest streets, where property prices average around £27,000. As you can imagine, the average property here is either a detached house or a terraced house without a ton of indoor or outdoor space.

The reason why property prices here are so affordable is because the area isn’t the best. It’s relatively high in crime and is overall not the safest. As part of trying to improve the more run-down parts of Liverpool, the local council also started selling properties cheaply to attract new people to come into the area and for current residents to buy rather than rent.

Rutter Street

Situated a few miles south of the Liverpool city centre, Rutter Street is another one of Liverpool’s most affordable streets for housing. The street is predominantly filled with terraced houses and small apartment complexes. Over the last year, the average property on this street (despite its relatively good location as it’s quite close to the water) was £50,000.

What’s interesting is that property prices in the area have increased by over 70% over the last year, making Rutter Street a worthwhile location to look at if you’re struggling with where and when to buy a house in Liverpool.

Jason Street

Jason Street is a small residential road just off the A59 near the area of Everton in Liverpool. The average property here is a terraced house, a bungalow, or a flat. Property prices in this part of the city average at around £50,000 – up by 23% on the previous year and down 29% from the 2012 peak of £70,750.

The downward trend this part of Liverpool has been seeing when it comes to property prices is largely due to the increasing crime rate, which has forced many residents to sell cheaply and move on.

Sunlight Street

Located north of the Newsham Park and Garden (2.7 miles away from the city centre), Sunlight Street is another cheap street in Liverpool that has been breaking records for affordable housing.

Properties here are strictly terraced houses, which span the entire length of the street. Over the last year, the average property on Sunlight Street sold for £65,000, which is down 19% from the previous year and up by 4% from the 2007 peak of £62,588.

The average house price in Liverpool is £218,431. However, when we looked at the polar opposites, we were shocked to find out how expensive and how cheap you can purchase a property if you look in the right places.

So, whether you’re ready to spend over a million pounds on your next home or want to own a property outright without getting into a multi-decade mortgage, Liverpool can offer you the best of both worlds.

That said, if you plan to sell your house fast at some point in the future, it’s worth buying in areas that are of particularly high demand. There, buyers are plentiful, and you won’t struggle with cashing in on your property when it’s time to move on.

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