The Best Places to Live in Liverpool for Families

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The Best Places to Live in Liverpool for Families
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With a population of over 2.24 million people, Liverpool is the UK’s fifth-largest city. It’s home to two of the biggest football clubs in the country, Liverpool and Everton, and it’s also one of the UK’s biggest hot spots for students, thanks to its seven universities.

Though Liverpool is a very diverse and vibrant city, it’s also home to a lot of families with children across all age groups. So if you want to make Liverpool the home for your whole family, you won’t be disappointed.

In this article, we will cover the best areas to live in Liverpool for families. We will consider the price of properties, green areas, schools and education facilities, general safety, and other factors important for the modern-day family.


The first area that is perfect for families in Liverpool is Woolton. Woolton is located southeast of the city, nearby Allerton, Gateacre, and Halewood. It’s one of Liverpool’s most affluent areas, making it one of the safest but also most expensive to live in. Over the last year, the average price of a standard home in Woolton was £299,901.

If you were to rent a property in the area, you could expect to pay around £1,000+ per month. The price can go higher or lower depending on the type of property you decide to go for. The area has several primary and secondary schools, making it suitable for families with children. And if your children are about to turn 16 or 18, Liverpool is home to some of the UK’s best colleges and universities.


Located just three miles out of Liverpool’s city centre, Allerton provides families with the perfect balance between city life and the peace and quiet of a rural area. Due to how close Allerton is to the city centre, and the many primary and secondary schools in the area, house prices are a little bit higher than in the more distant Woolton. The average house in the area will set you back around £330,000.

That might seem like quite the push for Liverpool, but rest assured that if you decide to sell your property later on, many cash house buyers will be lining up to purchase your property from you. It’s a popular area for investors.

Renting a property in the area can cost you between £1,000 and £1,250, but then again, the price can be higher or lower depending on the type of property you decide to go for. There are plenty of green areas in Allerton, meaning you don’t need to leave the area to have fun with your family.


Boarded by Belle Vale, Bowring Park, and Broadgreen, Childwall is another fantastic location for families looking to settle in the Liverpool area. Childwall is located to the east of Liverpool, about three miles out of the city centre.

The average house price in the area is about £301,000, putting the area on par with Woolton. The only thing with Childwall is that it is much closer to the city centre, so if that’s of importance to you, then Childwall is a great place to look for your family home.

To rent a property in the area, you should prepare a budget of around £1,000 per month for an average three-bedroom semi-detached house. Detached homes and homes with more bedrooms start from around £1,250 per month and over.

Mossley Hill

Mossley Hill is a suburb of Liverpool situated near Aigburth, Allerton, Childwall, and Wavertree. It has a population of around 25,000. It’s a particularly green area, with plenty of green spaces and parks to explore with your family.

If you decide to make Mossley Hill your home, expect to pay on average, around £300,000. If you decide to rent a property, you can expect to pay between £1,000 and £1,250 per month. Mossley Hill is also home to several primary and secondary schools, which are all within walking distance.


Located about 5 miles to the North of the Liverpool city centre, it’s an area where house prices average around £270,000. What’s unique about this area is that it is right next to the Irish Sea, meaning you can get quite the views if you decide to make Crosby your home. It’s a relatively small area, with very few green areas around, the biggest of which is the West Lancashire Golf Club. That said, if you fancy a walk by the beach, that is totally possible, and it is a very common activity for the families that live in the area.


Similarly to Crosby, Aigburth too is located by the water, just on the South side of Liverpool, right next to the River Mersey. It’s a particularly popular area for families with children who have working parents that work in close proximity to the Liverpool city centre.

Property prices in Aigburth average at around £254,000, making this area a particularly suitable place for families looking to get good value for money on their property in Liverpool. If you were to rent, be prepared to spend around £950 to £1,100 per month for a standard 3-bedroom house.

West Derby

And last but not least, we’d like to suggest West Derby, which is the most affordable area for families in the whole of Liverpool. The average house in West Derby starts at around £183,000. If you were to rent, you could expect to pay around £800 per month for a standard 3-bedroom property. In terms of primary and secondary education, West Darby has one primary and one secondary school both within walking distance.

Is Liverpool a Safe Place to Live?

Liverpool is considered to be a generally safe city. Of course, there are parts of Liverpool that have quite a high rate of crime (as is the case with all major cities in the UK), but if you stay away from them, you and your family will be just fine. The areas we suggested above are considered the safest in the whole of Liverpool, primarily because the area is mostly populated with families and older citizens.

If we compare Liverpool to London, Birmingham, and other big cities in the UK, Liverpool is far safer in pretty much all types of crime, ranging from theft and burglary to shoplifting and vehicle crime.

Best Spots for Families in Liverpool

Depending on your budget, Liverpool is home to a number of great areas that are particularly suitable for families. They are considered extremely safe and have a variety of primary and secondary schools within walking distance. Not to mention that Liverpool is home to seven universities and a variety of colleges, making Liverpool suitable for families regardless of how old your children are.

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