The Cheapest/Most Expensive Streets to Live in Leeds

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The Cheapest/Most Expensive Streets to Live in Leeds
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As of April 2023, the average property price in Leeds is £224,548, across all home types and postcodes. That’s more than £60,000 less than the national average! With that said, there are considerably more affordable neighbourhoods in the city, plus much more affluent areas too. Curious to discover the cheapest and most expensive streets to live in Leeds? Read on as we reveal the latest figures and compare them to other UK cities for context.

The 10 most expensive streets in Leeds

According to data published by Property Solvers in December 2022, the most expensive streets in Leeds are:

  1. Manor House Lane, Leeds – £2,366,666
  2. Ling Lane, Scarcroft – £1,548,750
  3. Alwoodley Lane, Leeds – £1,476,200
  4. Sandmoor Drive, Leeds – £1,474,620
  5. Wigton Chase, Leeds – £1, 455,000
  6. Bracken Park, Scarcroft – £1,366,250
  7. Alwoodley Gate, Leeds – £1,298,750
  8. Wigton Lane, Leeds – £1,164,333
  9. Manor Gardens, Thorner – £1,081,400
  10. Wigton Gate, Leeds – £1,074,166

NB: figures are based on tracked average sold prices from HM Land Registry since 2016.

Interestingly, all of these streets have either LS14 or LS17 postcodes, and are located in adjacent suburbs of North Leeds. Houses here in Alwoodley, Scarcroft and Thorner are mostly large detached homes with sizeable gardens, each 6-7 miles from the city centre.

The current most expensive street in Leeds, Manor House Lane, is located just off Wigton Lane in Alwoodley. This secluded, single track road is surrounded by greenery and multiple gated mansions. A large golf course runs through the centre of it and the high-ranking independent Grammar School at Leeds also backs onto it.

Second on the list is Ling Lane in the village of Scarcroft, in north east Leeds. Known locally as Millionaire’s Row, this impressive tree-lined street is home to Pymms. This property sold for over £3.1m in 2014, making it the most expensive house sale recorded in Leeds so far.

How do they compare to the UK’s most expensive streets?

In comparison to Leeds’s average detached property price of £412,861, these may seem like eye-watering numbers. However, when compared to England’s most expensive streets as whole, even the most costly homes in Leeds seem quite reasonable!

Based on research by Halifax which studied property sales between 2017 and 2022, the priciest streets in the country are:

  1. Phillimore Gardens – £23,802,000
  2. Grosvenor Square – £23,549,000
  3. Ilchester Place – £17,678,000
  4. Grosvenor Crescent – £15,440,000
  5. Clarendon Road – £14,950,000
  6. Ashburton Place – £14,732,000
  7. Lansdowne Road – £14,631,000
  8. The Vale – £14,020,000
  9. Knightsbridge – £14,009,000
  10. Chelsea Square – £13,321,000

As you may have noticed, all of these streets are, unsurprisingly, located in London. In fact, 19 of the top 20 most expensive streets are found in the capital. Of the 10 listed here, each one is in either central or west London districts like Kensington, Mayfair and Belgravia. And unlike in Leeds, the vast majority are situated within just 4 miles of the city centre.

The street with the highest price tag – Phillimore Gardens – backs onto Holland Park in Kensington. It features a mix of detached and semi-detached town houses, plus terraced properties and flats. Large homes here can sell for up to £40 million! But even the average price of £23.8 million is 10 times more than the most expensive street in Leeds.

On top of these streets, there’s also prestigious Kensington Palace Gardens, where properties average £35.3 million. Homes here occupy Crown Estate land and cost an additional 50% more than the closest competing London street.

The 10 cheapest streets to live in Leeds

On the other end of the spectrum, Property Solver named the cheapest streets in Leeds as:

  1. St Anns Lodge, St Anns Lane – £41,857
  2. Lidgett Towers – £47,000
  3. Tower Mews, Tower Lane – £51,400
  4. Brackenwood Drive – £53,500
  5. Guardian Mews, Lynwood Garth – £54,840
  6. Shafton Place – £55,333
  7. Temple View Place – £56,666
  8. Newhall Green – £57,438
  9. Newhall Road – £57,833
  10. Rydall Terrace – £58,983

Many of these streets are located in areas that are known for their low prices, like Holbeck, Armley and Belle Isle. Here you’ll find mostly flats and smaller terraced properties, all within easy reach of the city centre. These are a good option for first time buyers, as you won’t need a large deposit. But the downside is that crime rates in these inner-city suburbs tend to be higher than more affluent neighbourhoods.

Interestingly though, Lidgett Towers and Brackenwood Drive are both in Roundhay, one of the most popular places to live in Leeds for families. So if you’re working on a tight budget and you’re happy to live a flat, definitely check these spots out.

Where are the cheapest city streets in England located?

For comparison, here are some of the most affordable streets to live in other English cities:

  1. Anlaby Road, Hull – £25,437
  2. New Road, Liverpool – £26,500
  3. Portobello Lane, Sunderland – £27,100
  4. Wilkins Drive, Derby – £33,666
  5. Vine Street, Bradford – £36,375
  6. Beaconview Road, Birmingham – £37,999
  7. Abbot Street, Doncaster – £38,333
  8. Milton Street, Stoke-on-Trent – £38,833
  9. Central Park Avenue, Plymouth – £41,333
  10. Warwick Road, Carlisle – £42,500

The obvious trend here is that the vast majority of these streets are located in northern cities. And again, most of the properties accounting for the low sale prices are either flats or terraced houses. You can also find cheap homes in other northern areas like Middlesbrough, Grimsby and County Durham. However, you’ll have far fewer amenities and job opportunities compared to living in a growing city like Leeds.

Likewise, cities like Birmingham, Bradford and Hull share some of the highest unemployment rates in the country – between 5.8-6.9% – compared to Leeds’s 4.6%. Plus, Middlesbrough and wider Cleveland ranks amongst the worst areas for crime in England. As such, we’d recommend researching the UK’s cheapest areas and cities in detail before making a move.

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