The Best Areas to Live in Glasgow

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The Best Areas to Live in Glasgow
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As Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow is a popular choice for people of all ages to make the city their home. To live in Glasgow means you’ll experience everything from some of the country’s best restaurants, world-class shopping experiences, nightlife, and everything else you would expect to find in the big city.

Some people even go as far as calling it the small ‘London’, and to be honest, they aren’t far off. If you’re considering making Scotland’s biggest city your home and are wondering where to live in Glasgow, this article is for you. Below, we’ll go over the eight best areas to live in Glasgow.

Glasgow city centre
Glasgow City Centre

The City Centre

If you’re wondering where to live in Glasgow, you can’t go wrong with the city centre. This is arguably one of the best neighbourhoods in Glasgow, and it’s easy to see why. The area has some of the best-preserved Victorian architecture in the UK, giving it a unique aesthetic you will not find anywhere else.

On top of that, the city centre offers the city’s best shopping, dining, and nightlife experiences. So, if you want to move into an area with many activities and things to do, it’s a great location to consider.

The average house price in the Glasgow city centre is £204,712. So, it’s a bit more expensive than in other areas. However, if you’re looking to invest in a top-tier property and live right at the heart of Glasgow, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Bearsden ancient Roman baths ruins, Glasgow


Located 6 miles outside the northwest of Glasgow, Bearsden has an array of quality homes, desirable schools, and a thriving community of small shops that make it a great option for raising a family. 

Bearsden is a wonderful area with a beautiful aesthetic, amazing atmosphere, and high-quality homes. This is a great option for people looking to raise a family in Glasgow and immerse themselves in the Scottish community.

Expect to pay more for a property in suburban Bearsden, as it is one of the wealthiest areas in the UK. Average house prices in the area are around £288,273, which is significantly more expensive than the rest of the city. But for those who can afford it, this peaceful, leafy area has an excellent reputation. 

Giffnock, Glasgow
Giffnock, Glasgow


If you’re raising a family, Giffnock is a great location as it is just south of Glasgow but not too far to make it inconvenient. As Giffnock is considered a rural area, you will find everything from flats and detached houses to villas – meaning that you’ll have plenty of options to pick from.

As one of the best neighbourhoods in Glasgow, Giffnock’s home prices average £296,665. This is fairly expensive, but considering the quality of life you can expect, it’s easy to see why prices in the area are higher than average.

South Side Glasgow
South Side Glasgow

South Side

South Side is one of the best areas in Glasgow if you’re looking to move into the area for the first time. There are many great schools and leisure activities in Glasgow’s South Side. On top of that, the prices in this area are far from the high prices of the city centre and wealthy neighbourhoods like Giffnock.

On average, you can expect to spend £201,236 for a house in this area. This is more affordable than other Glasgow areas and far below the average price for homes in the UK. The area offers signature sandstone architecture and provides one of the city’s most aesthetically pleasing atmospheres.

Ashton Lane, Glasgow West End
Ashton Lane, Glasgow West End

West End

There’s no denying that the West End is one of the best neighbourhoods in Glasgow. Most of the city’s world-famous sites are a walking distance from the West End, meaning you’ll never run out of things to do and places to explore.

That said, actually finding a property in the West End is difficult. Aside from a high average asking price for houses at £248,948, there’s intense competition for properties in the area. So, this might not be the neighbourhood for all homebuyers. But if you have the opportunity to get a property in Glasgow’s West End, we highly suggest taking it.

Merchant city sign, live in Glasgow
Merchant City, Glasgow

Merchant City

The Merchant City area in Glasgow offers a unique experience to all other areas in and around Glasgow. If you’re longing for urban life in Glasgow, this is your best option. It doesn’t offer as many green and rural areas as other Glasgow neighbourhoods, but you’ll be in the heart of the city and just a stone’s throw away from everything.

This area is great for young professionals looking to start their exciting life in Glasgow. With the average house price at about £180,709, you won’t have to spend that much money to make the area your home. It’s packed with local bars, bistros, restaurants, and shops that can make for a vibrant and exciting life.

The beauty of living in the Merchant City is that you’ll barely find the need to leave the area. With every shop and activity available in the area, you won’t have the need to go far very often.

Pipe band playing at rugby ground in Scotstoun, live in Glasgow
Scotstoun, Glasgow


If you’re into sports or are looking to raise a family nearby great primary and secondary schools, Scotsoun is a great area to look at when buying a house. The average house price in the area is £298,852, which is on par with the UK average home price and quite a bit more expensive than the average property price in Scotland.

Located to the West of Glasgow, just North of the river Clyde, Scotstoun offers best of both words – a rural life with easy access to the city via the A814. There are also plenty of parks around the area, so if you happen to own a dog, there are many great areas for a walk.

Row of terraced houses/flats in the East End of Glasgow, live in Glasgow
Glasgow East End

East End

Glasgow’s East End is one of the more historic neighbourhoods in the city. This area houses some of the city’s oldest buildings, which is why you can expect that classic Victorian aesthetic that people associate with Glasgow.

The property prices in this area average out at around £181,717. This is well-below the UK average and even sits below some of the average prices in other Glasgow areas. And while it’s more affordable, you still get access to the best the city has to offer, making it a very attractive location.

Selling a House in Glasgow

Many people want to move to Glasgow nowadays. It has a lower cost-of-living than many other UK cities while still offering a great quality of life. If you have a property in Glasgow that you’d like to cash in on, now is the perfect time to do so.

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