Are There Good Job Opportunities in Glasgow?

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Are There Good Job Opportunities in Glasgow?
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As Scotland’s biggest city, many people from all over the country and the world flock to Glasgow in the hope of securing a great job and taking their career to the next level. But are there good job opportunities in Glasgow?

In this article, we will go over the average salary you can expect to get in Glasgow, how hard it is finding a good job in the area, and take a look at which industries are thriving in Scotland’s largest city.

But before we do any of that, let’s take a brief moment and take a look at what it’s like living and working in Glasgow.

What Is It Like Living and Working in Glasgow?

There are many advantages to living and working in Glasgow. Glasgow offers a much cheaper cost of living than other major UK cities. On average, Glasgow is 20% cheaper than other major UK cities like London, Manchester, and Cambridge. This means that you can save a significant amount of money by living and working in Glasgow, allowing you to keep more of your income for yourself.

On top of that, Glasgow is a bustling and growing city. Currently, it’s the biggest city in Scotland, with a population of 1,698,000, with a large percentage of the population being young people and students. This means that there are many opportunities in Glasgow, especially if you’re working in the right sector. 

Glasgow is a great option if you’re looking to make a big move in your life and build a career in a new city. Aside from all the opportunities, Glasgow is a beautiful city with lots of things to do. This means that forming a proper work life balance is much easier when living in Glasgow compared to other major UK cities.

What Is the Average Salary in Glasgow?

The average salary for workers in Glasgow can vary depending on your sector and other factors. However, the current average salary for Glasgow workers across all sectors is at around £31,000 a year. This is significantly higher than the average salary across the UK.

And while it’s lower than the average salary of cities like London, the cost of living and property prices in Glasgow are more than twice as low. But again, remember that the average salary varies depending on your speciality. For example, software engineers and developers make the highest average salary in the city, while unskilled workers tend to make the least.

That said, keep in mind that aside from a lower cost of living, many people report that Glasgow offers a great quality of life. So, if you’re looking to balance your work and personal lives while still earning a decent salary, Glasgow could be a very attractive option for you!

Is It Hard to Find a Job in Glasgow?

The Glasgow job market has seen some significant changes in recent years. In the past, you’d only have an easy time finding a job in the city if you planned on working in call centres. The city used to be known as the UKs call centre capital. However, things have changed a lot in the past couple of years, and it’s now much easier for people to find jobs in Glasgow in various sectors.

There are many thriving sectors in Glasgow aside from the call centre industry. Currently, the energy, engineering, creative, and tourism sectors in the city are blooming, meaning more people working in various industries can find their dream job without having to go down south.

That said, no matter how open the market is, finding a job can be hard. This is why it’s best to prepare for the job search and research companies that could use your services and expertise. When you do this, finding a job in Glasgow won’t be a challenge at all.

Thriving Job Sectors in Glasgow

Unlike years ago when Glasgow was dominated by a single job sector, today, there are many industries that are thriving in the city and are actively looking for new hires. They include:


One of Glasgow’s leading industries is the energy sector. This includes both renewable and non-renewable energy. As of right now, thousands of Glasgow residents are working in this industry.

Most of the time, the available jobs are in onshore and offshore wind power plants. However, there are also many openings in the science and research sector. As the world starts to shift to renewable energy, there are many opportunities for people in this sector, especially in Glasgow, so it’s a great industry to pursue if you’re young and looking for a new challenge.

Engineering and Manufacturing

The engineering and manufacturing sector of Glasgow is estimated to have at least 30,000 workers. One of Glasgow’s main universities, the University of Strathclyde is one of the UKs largest engineering institutes. This is why there are many opportunities for engineers and manufacturing professionals in the city. So, if you have a particular interest in working in the engineering and manufacturing industry, Glasgow is the place where you should be looking for your next job opportunity.


You won’t run out of education job opportunities in Glasgow. With five higher education institutes and numerous primary and secondary schools in the city, there are many jobs available for capable and well educated people in this sector. In the higher education institutes alone, there are 5,000 people as academic staff and 12,000 people as support staff.

Creative Industries

The Glasgow creative industry is booming right now. With a huge influx of young creatives in the area, there are more creative opportunities available than ever before. That said, while the sector employs 19,800 people, it’s important to note that competition is fierce in this sector.


More and more tourists visit Glasgow every year. Because of this, the tourism industry has been thriving in recent years So, if you’re considering moving to Glasgow and find the tourism industry interesting, consider looking at the tourism sector. As of right now, it currently employs over 60,000 people in the city.


Glasgow is a very attractive city in the UK. As Scotland’s largest city, it’s home to many people and even more job opportunities. Average salaries in Glasgow are fairly high compared to the rest of the UK. On top of that living costs are lower while the quality of life is higher when you compare them to other major UK cities like London.

Buying a property in the area with all of your saved up money is also a great idea, as property prices are some of the fastest growing across the UK. And if you ever want to cash out and sell your house fast, we’ve got you covered.

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