How to Put Together Your New Build Snagging List

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How to Put Together Your New Build Snagging List
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Moving into a new build property can be very exciting. These types of houses are newer, typically more energy efficient, and often less expensive to maintain, due to issues occurring with the property less frequently.

But what happens if a new build has been completed and you aren’t happy with everything? Is there something you can do?

Yes, there is. This is where a ‘snagging list’ becomes extremely useful – and we’ve outlined everything you need to know about this topic below.

What is a New Build Snagging List?

A snagging list is typically put together by the property architect, the house buyer, or someone who is working on the buyer’s behalf (for example, a solicitor). It is a list of any defects in a property – in other words, small issues which need to be fixed. Some of the most common examples include cracked paint, faulty light switches or scratched windows.

The purpose of a snagging list is to ensure that everything is completed to the correct standard, as agreed in the original contract. Usually, once the list is completed, it will be sent to the developer/builder, who will need to complete any fixes required.

Keep in mind that while functional issues with a property will need to be fixed by the developer, some aesthetic issues may be disputed. Any issues you have with a property which is a small aesthetic personal preference, and was not outlined in the contract beforehand, may not be resolved by the developer. This will change for each situation, depending on the parties involved and the issue at hand.

How to Put Together Your New Build Snagging List

Your new build snagging list should be completed as thoroughly as possible. The structural condition of the house must be satisfactory, but so too must smaller details, such as any pre-agreed aesthetic elements of the property. Some people hire a professional to complete the snagging list for them, to give reassurance that any issues will definitely be identified.

If you are putting together a snagging list yourself, you should start with all the most common snags with new build properties. These include:

  • The roof – are any of the tiles cracked?
  • Doors – are any hinges missing?
  • Light fittings – are any of them faulty?
  • Driveway – has it been completed evenly?
  • Garage – does all the doors open and close correctly?
  • Plumbing – is everything in working order?

These things represent many of the most common snags with a new build property – but the full list of things to check will be much longer.

It is recommended that for every room in the house, you test the functionality of everything in there. This includes toilets, light switches, plug sockets, curtains, windows, any aesthetic qualities, and much more. If possible, you should bring a friend or trusted advisor along to inspect the property with you, as this will decrease the likelihood that you miss any important snags.

Consider things which can’t be seen

It is important to remember that not every issue with a new build property can be seen. It isn’t just about cracked paint or faulty light switches – you should also ensure that things ‘out of sight’ are working properly, such as the plumbing.

Can you pay for a New Build Snagging list?

Yes, you can pay a professional to complete the snagging list for you. The price of this in the UK will vary depending on the size of the property, and the area that you are based in. However, in the average case, paying an expert to complete your snagging list will cost between £300 to £600.

Paying a professional snagging company can give you essential peace of mind. The company will push for any issues to be fixed and will re-check any corrective work. This type of support can be invaluable for someone who is not a property professional.

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