Can I Get a Loan for a Cash Only House?

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Can I Get a Loan for a Cash Only House?
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Mortgages are the primary method most people think of for buying houses. 

However, some properties are sold without a mortgage. These are known as cash-only houses

In this blog, we’ll explore whether you can get a loan to buy a cash-only house and discuss its pros and cons.

What is a cash-only house?

cash-only house is a property where the seller only accepts cash payments, meaning the buyer cannot use a mortgage to purchase the property

Cash-only homes are generally sold for below their market value. This makes them attractive options for property investors with the capital to buy them outright.

Can I get a loan for a cash-only house?

The short answer is yes, you can get a loan for a cash-only house. 

You can not get a traditional mortgage loan to buy a cash-only house, as the seller will not accept it. 

However, alternative options are available to buyers who want to purchase a cash-only property but do not have the capital immediately available.

Personal loan or a line of credit

One option is to take a personal loan or a line of credit from a bank or other financial institution. 

These are not mortgages, so they can provide the funds needed to purchase a cash-only house. 

However, it’s essential to know that these loans typically have higher interest rates and shorter terms than traditional mortgages so that you may have steep monthly fees.

Hard money loan

Another option worth considering is a hard money loan. Hard money lenders are typically private companies or individuals who specialise in providing property investors with short-term loans. 

The property itself will secure the loan. However, like personal bank loans, these loans have higher interest rates and fees than traditional mortgages. 

They are generally used by real estate agents who need to raise cash quickly to purchase properties sold at a discount.

Pros of buying a cash-only house with a loan

Access to property investment

The main advantage of using a loan to buy a cash-only house is that it allows you to invest in property, even if you don’t have the capital to purchase it outright.

For many buyers, buying a cash-only house with a loan is a viable way to enter the property market and build their wealth through their investment.


Buying a cash-only house with a loan can also give buyers more flexibility regarding their investment strategy. 

For example, suppose you are looking to purchase and have limited cash to invest. In that case, you can use loans to buy several cash-only properties instead of putting all your savings into one property. 

Doing this can be an ideal strategy for property investors as it is a way to diversify your portfolio and reduce your overall risk.

Cons of buying a cash-only house with a loan


The main disadvantage of using a loan to purchase a cash-only house is that it can be more expensive than using cash from your savings or a traditional mortgage.

This is because loans typically come with higher interest rates and fees than mortgages, which can add up over time.

Difficulty in securing financing

If you want to use a loan to buy a cash-only house, you should also be aware that securing financing can be more challenging. 

You must apply to borrow a lot of money to raise enough funds to purchase a home. 

Banks and other lenders may be hesitant to lend such a large amount or reluctant to provide a loan for a cash-only house since they are a riskier investment. 

Buyers may need to shop around to find a lender willing to work with them and be prepared for a time-consuming process requiring much documentation.


You should also be aware of the risks involved. Suppose the property appreciates slower than expected, or you need help to keep up with the agreed loan repayments. 

In that case, you may risk losing the property to foreclosure.

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