Birmingham’s Best Schools

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Birmingham’s Best Schools
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Living near excellent schools in Birmingham holds significant value for individuals and families. As England’s second city continues to grow and thrive, attracting more families each year, the availability of high-quality education becomes increasingly vital.

Why is living near good schools important when considering a move? Firstly, parents naturally desire the best possible education for their children. Access to reputable schools ensures that children receive quality instruction and a solid educational foundation.

Secondly, a wide variety of schooling options increases the likelihood of finding a school that aligns with a family’s preferences and values. Ideally, families seek schools in close proximity to their homes, promoting convenience and minimizing commuting time. Having numerous options caters to the diverse needs and aspirations of different families, making an area more suitable for a wider range of residents.

This is why cash house buyers such as We Buy Any Home are often sought after in such areas. Our unique ability to buy houses quickly can help families get cash quickly and make firm offers on properties in desirable neighbourhoods instead of waiting for long chains to complete, thus increasing the chances of their kids getting into these prestigious schools.

Here are some of the top schools in Birmingham, with information on the number of pupils, Ofsted ratings, and gender distribution as well as the local catchment areas.

(The following list is derived from The Sunday Times Parent Power 2022 league tables, which evaluate A-level and GCSE performance data to identify the top 1,600 schools in the country.)

King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys

  • A-level A*-B: 87.1%
  • A/A*: 66.4%
  • GCSE (9-7): 86%

Regarded as Birmingham’s top-rated school and ranking 10th nationally, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys excels in academic performance and offers an esteemed educational experience. Situated adjacent to the breathtaking King’s Heath Park, this selective, state-funded boys’ school (11-18 years) serves Birmingham and its surrounding areas. It provides excellent access to exceptional sports and arts facilities, while emphasizing community engagement.

Catchment area: Kings Heath

King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

  • A-level A*-B: 82%
  • A/A*: 52.5%
  • GCSE (9-7): 85.9%

Located on Vicarage Road in King’s Heath, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls matches its male counterpart in delivering an exciting, robust, and successful educational experience. Alongside outstanding academic, sporting, and artistic provisions, the school places a strong emphasis on fostering students’ confidence and resilience.

Catchment area: Kings Heath

King Edward’s School

  • A-level A*-B: 92.7%
  • A/A*: 61.2%
  • GCSE (9-7): 86.6%

Schools under the King Edward VI Foundation exemplify educational excellence in Birmingham, and King Edward’s School stands as a powerhouse within this group. Situated in desirable Edgbaston, the school shares its site with King Edward VI High School for Girls, another prestigious school. King Edward’s School provides education for boys aged 11-18 and, despite being a selective, fee-paying institution, actively supports access to top-tier education through its Assisted Places scheme.

Catchment area: Edgbaston

Nelson Mandela School

  • National Rank: 58th
  • Reading Scaled Score: 110
  • Maths Scaled Score: 112

Ranked as Birmingham’s top primary school and standing just outside the top 50 nationally, Nelson Mandela School holds a special place in the heart of the West Midlands. Guided by the revered figurehead of the Anti-apartheid movement, Nelson Mandela, the school instils in its approximately 450 pupils the values of equality, kindness, and mutual respect. It was inaugurated in 1987 by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Catchment area: Sparkbrook

King Edward VI Five Ways School

  • A-level A*-B: 71.8%
  • A/A*: (undisclosed in 2021)
  • GCSE (9-7): 72.2%

Situated in Bartley Green, at the southwestern tip of the city, King Edward VI Five Ways School is a highly sought-after selective grammar school. With an annual intake of approximately 1,300 pupils, it offers a boys’ school with a mixed sixth form. Currently undergoing an ambitious redevelopment project, the school aims to enhance its facilities, including new drama and music studios, a sixth form centre, and the impressive £1 million Osmend Language Centre and Pavilion complex.

Catchment area: Bartley Green

King Edward VI Handsworth School

  • A-level A*-B: 67.7%
  • A/A*: 37.7%
  • GCSE (9-7): 70.6%

Part of the expanding King Edward VI group, this all-girls institution emerged from the merger of three existing schools in 1911. Today, King Edward VI Handsworth School inspires over 1,100 pupils to embrace the transformative power of education and cultivate a love for learning and intellectual curiosity.

Catchment area: Handsworth

King Edward VI Aston School

  • A-level A*-B: 59.1%
  • A/A*: 32.7%
  • GCSE (9-7): 58.7%

Located in the northern end of Birmingham’s suburban landscape, King Edward VI Aston School is a multi-ethnic selective boys’ school. With nearly 1,000 pupils, the school aspires to produce articulate, well-educated young men capable of independent thought, confidence, and adaptability to face future challenges.

Catchment area: Aston

Edgbaston High School for Girls

  • A-level A*-B: 68%
  • A/A*: 38.1%
  • GCSE (9-7): 62.1%

Providing education from pre-school to sixth form, Edgbaston High School for Girls stands as Birmingham’s oldest independent school for girls, established in 1876. The school’s commitment lies in delivering a broad, modern, enriching, and inspiring education. With advanced pastoral care and an array of nearly 50 co-curricular activities, the school nurtures the holistic development of its students.

Catchment area: Edgbaston

MPW Birmingham

  • A-level A*-B: 63%
  • A/A*: 33.3%
  • GCSE (9-7): 36.7%

Situated in Edgbaston, MPW Birmingham forms part of the prestigious MPW Group, renowned for its independent colleges across the UK. With a socially relaxed yet disciplined environment, MPW Birmingham offers a modern educational experience within its refurbished 19th-century building. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including high-tech projectors and interactive whiteboards, the school ensures a dynamic learning environment.

Catchment area: Edgbaston

Highclare School

  • A-level A*-B: 46%
  • A/A*: 18.3%
  • GCSE (9-7): 26.7%

Highclare School distinguishes itself as one of the few fully mixed schools within Birmingham’s top tier. Catering to pupils aged 2-18, this relatively small school aims to foster a family-like atmosphere, where teachers fully understand their students’ strengths and personalities. With a well-rounded program of activities ranging from one-on-one music tuition to astronomy and ballet, Highclare encourages the pursuit of diverse interests and passions.

Catchment area: Erdington

By selecting a home near these exceptional educational institutions, families in Birmingham can provide their children with unparalleled academic opportunities while enjoying the benefits of residing within a community focused on educational excellence. If you want to get on the housing ladder close to one of these top schools but are struggling to sell on the open market, We Buy Any Home can help. Just give us a call and we can turbo-charge your sale and guarantee you cash without the stress.

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