How Much Council Tax Will I Pay for A Flat in Cardiff?

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<strong>How Much Council Tax Will I Pay for A Flat in Cardiff?</strong>
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If you’re looking at purchasing a flat in the Cardiff area, you may be wondering how much council tax you’ll need to pay.

With the average cost of a flat in Cardiff being £174,644, this places most Cardiff flats in Council Tax Band F, leading to an annual council tax bill of £2,472 – £2,548.

Council tax is a substantial outgoing when it comes to monthly bills and will vary depending on property price, therefore making it an important consideration when buying or renting a new home.

In this article, we’ll talk you through everything you need to know about council tax in Cardiff, including the average council tax bands depending on property valuation, how much council tax is increasing, as well as some facts on council tax for tenants and those owning empty properties.

What Does Council Tax Pay For?

Council tax is an annual fee paid to your local council which covers the cost for local services and facilities.

Costs are determined by local councils and will vary depending on location and average property price.

Services that are covered by council tax usually include the following:

  • Emergency services (police, firemen, etc)
  • Leisure projects such as sports centres
  • Education facilities including public libraries
  • Rubbish collection services
  • Road maintenance including street lighting and cleaning
  • Record-keeping (e.g. marriages, deaths, births)

How much is council tax per month in Cardiff?

So, here’s the main question; how much is council tax per month in Cardiff? The answer varies depending on how much a property is worth and its local area, with a property being allocated a Council Tax ‘band’ based on property price and location to determine how much the owner will be taxed each year.

Here’s a table dictating the average council tax bill by band in Cardiff:

Council Tax BandYearly Charge
A* – Disablement Relief£951 – £980
A – Up to £44,000£1,141 – £1176
B – £44,001 – £65,000£1,331 – £1,372
C – £65,001 – £91,000£1,521 – £1,568
D – £91,001 – £123,000£1,711 – £1,764
E – £123,001 – £162,000£2,092 – £2,156
F – £162,001 – £223,000£2,472 – £2,548
G – £223,001 – £324,000£2,853 – £2,940
H – £324,001 – £424,000£3,423 – £3,529
I – £424,001 and above£3,994 – £4,117

Source: Cardiff.gov.uk

Based on the above data and the average house price in Cardiff being £300,118, we can determine that most homeowners in Cardiff are in band G, paying an average of £2,853 – £2,940 in council tax bills per year, or £237 – £245 per calendar month.

How much is council tax going up in Cardiff in 2023?

Another important question you may be wondering is how much council tax is going to increase in Cardiff in 2023.

Council tax rose by 3.95% in April 2023, with a large proportion of funds going towards education and school meals. Some reasons for the rise in council tax bills are being attributed by councillors to rising food costs and cuts in government funding.

Is council tax payable on empty properties?

Most councils in Wales do impose council tax on empty properties, and even premium charges of between 150% – 200% if the property has been unoccupied and unfurnished for over 1 year.

There is usually an exemption from council tax charges in Wales for up to 6 months, for example in the case of the property owner passing away.

There may also be exemptions from paying council tax on an empty home:

  • that is owned by someone in prison (except for not paying a fine or council tax)
  • that is owned by someone who is living in a care home or is spending significant time in a hospital
  • that has been repossessed
  • that cannot be lived in – for example, if they are considered to be derelict

Do tenants pay council tax in Wales?

The person responsible for paying council tax on a property in Wales is the person listed on the Council Tax bill. This will either be the property owner or the tenants, generally depending on who is living in the property.

If you’re a lodger and therefore share your address with your landlord, it’s likely that the landlord will be responsible for paying the council tax bill. However, you’ll need to check whether your rent covers your portion of the council tax or if this will need to be paid to your landlord separately.

Tenants may be exempt from paying council tax if they meet the following requirements:

  • They are part of a low-income household
  • They are students
  • They live alone
  • They are severely mentally impaired
  • They are disabled
  • The property is empty

What is the cheapest council tax in Wales?

Council tax varies depending on property price as well as local area, making some areas in Wales more affordable than others when it comes to council tax.

The area with the cheapest council tax in Wales is Pembrokeshire, with an average annual council tax bill of £1,311.63. 

This is significantly cheaper than the average council tax bill in Wales of  £2,853 – £2,940. While this may sound appealing to residents of Pembrokeshire, it also shows a rate of low funding for public services, which over time may begin to impact institutions such as health, social services, and education.

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