What Matters Most to Brits When Buying a New Home?

Whilst the romantic idea of falling in love with your dream property seems idyllic, the truth is that people are armed with a shopping list when house hunting. With property prices so high, it is understandable that many want their idea of ‘perfect’ when making an offer on a new home. But, what is making the property hit list for Brits?

Research conducted by WeBuyAnyHome analysed the wants and wishes of 2,023 UK citizens in relation to buying a new home. Data revealed that a huge 45% of respondents deem being close to work the number one necessity when shopping for a property. Second and third spots went to seeking a larger property and a home with a garage and parking.

Only 1 in 4 people considered being close to local schools important. Other factors that weren’t deemed as important by the masses included access to green space, privacy, a village location and being close to family.

Schools are not a priority

Being close to local schools was a factor towards the bottom of the pack, with only 1 in 5 men and 1 in 4 women ranking it highly.

45% of men deemed securing a property close to work as important, followed by buying a larger property and one with a garage and parking.

The top three for women were similar, with 46% on the hunt for a house with garage parking, followed by a larger home that is close to work.

Men also deemed having a large garden, a village location and a swimming pool as things to consider. Whereas women listed feeling safe and being close to shops and family as important.

Larger properties wanted

When it comes to age demographics, those aged between 35 and 54 know exactly what they want in a new home. 1 in 2 respondents marked having a larger property as their primary interest, followed by a strong want for a garage and parking. Many people in this age group also noted having a garden as important.

When it comes to the older generation, 36% of those surveyed aged 55 and over want a garage and parking in a new house. Just over 1 in 2 also would want to be close to public transport.

For those aged 18-34, getting onto the property ladder is tough. However, for those who currently own homes, 55% would want to be closer to work with their next property. A larger property with strong phone and broadband signal were also highly desirable for this group.

How the times have changed

In times gone by, being close to local schools, living in a village location and having a handy post office or shop nearby were some of the most desirable criteria when looking for a new property. It could be said that, in the UK, we now live in a ‘more’ society: people want bigger, better, faster, stronger.

From our research, the general consensus is that people want a quicker commute to work, a larger property and parking as part of their next home. Qualities such as being close to family and local amenities – which were once so important – were lesser priorities, in data that revealed people simply want more than what they have.



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