What is the best way to value your home?

The most accurate home valuations are done over the phone and in person, to truly understand all the details about your property. But we understand that not everyone has the time or desire to do that.

As you can see below, we have extensively tested the market to find the best online valuation tools, and have partnered with Property Logic as the one we believe to be the most reliable.

So please do test out our tool and see what it says about the value of your property. If you do speak to us about a quick house sale, we can then do the full in-depth valuation with you over the phone. The online valuation can often differ from the in-depth one – so if you want to know why, please read on.

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At WeBuyAnyHome, throughout our combined 250 years’ working in property, we’ve always done our valuations thoroughly, with real people looking at every aspect of the building. However, with the emergence of so many online property valuation tools cropping up, we were fascinated. How could something we knew so well as a manual process possibly be done through a simple online tool?

To satisfy our curiosity we conducted an experiment: we took a sample of properties across the UK, and put their addresses into as many different online valuation tools as we could find. We found the same patterns again and again – but to keep things easy, here are our findings based upon a 4-bed detached property located in Durham.


Lowest Price
Average Price
Highest Price

Research revealed a huge percentage increase of 97% between the lowest valuation and highest valuation for the same property. How can online valuation tools present such drastically different valuation estimates for the same property?

Granted, online valuation tools should be a great way to get a rough idea of your home’s market value instantly. The tools we looked at were from major national and regional businesses – property listing sites, online estate agents, and high street estate agents. Each website’s valuation tool uses its own formula to generate a valuation or drags data from different sources to give an estimate as to your home’s market value. However, it is unclear as to how these calculations are processed and whether they hold any solid truth, so take any suggested market value with a pinch of salt.

As the formulas and sources vary between the different websites, figures from online tools are unlikely to be as reliable as seeking the professional advice of an industry expert with years of experience with local properties. There are variables that online tools cannot possibly measure.

Professional property valuations

Whilst online property valuation tools may be handy for a ballpark figure, there are so many additional factors that a property professional who is visiting a property in person will take into consideration. Those who have revamped their homes or have had an extension fitted will benefit far more with a visit from a property valuer. How could a valuation tool possibly predict the financial benefit of your new open plan living space and extra bedroom? Or the presence of rising damp? Or a massive crack in a load-bearing wall?

Whilst we would like online valuation tools to be able to provide accurate valuations (it would certainly make the lives of our team easier!), we here at WeBuyAnyHome are not at all convinced that you can get a realistic property valuation at the click of a mouse. That is why we only ever instruct RICS qualified surveyors/ valuers to assess your property. We want to give you the best and most accurate price for your property.

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Value my property FAQs

We understand that you will have questions that need answering. Here’s everything you need to know about our valuations and cash offers.

During our first phone call, we’ll do a desktop appraisal to give you an initial offer – along with the details you give us, we use data from Land Registry, RightMove Plus, and other third party sources. If you are interested in progressing at that stage, we then send round a maximum of 2 RICS qualified surveyors/ valuers (under strict health and safety guidance) to complete the valuation process. We would then take the average of these valuations to determine the true market value of the property and base our final cash offer on this figure.

We do not use an online valuation tool to determine the true market value of a property. As we discuss in our Value My House page, these tools are unreliable, easily manipulated and produce wildly varied results depending on which tool you use. Instead, we base our final valuation on both an at-desk online assessment (using LandRegistry, RightMove Plus and other third party sources) and the in-person valuations of a maximum of two RICS qualified surveyors/ valuers.

In some cases, we can offer a value based on directly comparable properties in the local area, thereby removing the necessity for an in house valuation.

Our aim is always to arrive at the most accurate value for every property. You can rest assured that our processes are designed to be as watertight as possible – if we get the value wrong, we risk losing our own money when it comes to the resale. What’s more, we only ever use RICS qualified surveyors/ valuers to assess your property.

Absolutely. If the average of the second valuation is higher than the initial offer we have given you based on our at-desk assessment, our final offer would then be 80% – 90% of that higher figure – just as if the average was lower, our offer would then need to be 80% – 90% of the lower figure.

Property values can be highly subjective. Ultimately, your property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Estate agents can determine a value based on their experience, what the property market is doing and what similar properties have sold for in your area. It is, however, worth remembering that they will often value the property higher in order to win the instruction, and then chip it down over time when it doesn’t go for that amount. Online valuation tools will make similar assumptions and also don’t have the in-person experience of walking around the property and getting a feel for its condition and decorative order. This is why at WeBuyAnyHome we cover all bases to get the most accurate valuation possible.

Value my house

If you want to sell your home fast, we provide an easy and seamless solution. All you need to do is get in touch by entering your postcode above. We’ll ask you for some contact information, as well as some details about your property. We can then give you a free, no obligation cash offer against your house within 24 hours – not using an online valuation tool, but based on what equivalent properties in your area have sold for – an offer which would then, of course, be verified by an in-person valuation.

Happy with your house price estimate?

If you want to sell your home and are satisfied with the house value we have given you this is what you can expect…

What happens next?

You will receive two phone calls.
One call from the asset management company we work with, who will arrange for two independent local estate agents to value your property.
The other call from the solicitor we’re providing you with, who will talk you through the paperwork they will send to you.
You will need to then complete and return the paperwork to the solicitor. Please note that, until the solicitor receives this, we cannot progress to the final offer stage.
Once we’ve received the valuation report and completed legal checks we provide a final price for your property.
You can then accept the offer and confirm a completion date that works for you!

How much is my house worth?

If you’re selling your home, you should be prepared that what your property sells for may be different from the valuation figure you’re given. This will often depend upon the timeframe you have for selling and other personal circumstances affecting the sale.

At WeBuyAnyHome we can work to any timeframe, and you could have the cash for your sold property in as little as 7 days. Need a quicker solution? Simply get in touch on 0800 774 0004. What makes us unique is our ability to take any property off of your hands in a very short timeframe, following acceptance of our cash offer. With some properties lingering in estate agent’s windows for months and months, in many cases, a guaranteed sale in as little as just 7 days is exactly what you need.

Check out the properties and timescales below to understand the differences between a traditional estate agent, our sister company Sold  – which specialises in securing a speedy sale for a realistic asking price – and WeBuyAnyHome.

Estate Agents 90+ days WeBuyAnyHomeIn as little as 7 days SOLD within 30 days
3-bedroom cottage
Southwick, Sunderland
4-bedroom terraced townhouse
Cranleigh, Surrey
5-bedroom detached house
Much Hadham, Hertfordshire

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If you are looking for a speedy and efficient house sale and want a cash offer within 24 hours, get in contact with us today. It has never been easier to find out how much we could buy your home for. Simply call us on 0800 774 0004 to get the ball rolling or enter your postcode into the cash offer tool above.

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