Selling Points Index 2018

The UK Cities Offering the Most to House Buyers

When it comes to buying and selling properties, what makes one location more attractive than another? Click on the map below to explore how each of the UK's top cities perform when it comes to key selling points, from house prices to health, education, crime and more.

How the

Selling Points
Index Works


We've analysed seven key data sets for the top 26 cities across the UK, ranking the locations from one to 26 for each factor. These cities were then awarded an overall position, based on their average rating across all seven points.

Simply click on a city on the map to the right to see how it performs on our index. For each of our seven selling points you'll see data for the location in question, as well as the position compared to the other cities we've looked at.

  1. Data for the location
  2. Position compared to other cities
Avg. house prices



You'll also be able to see the population figure for each of these cities - although this doesn't contribute to the ranking.

Click below to begin and see which city
performs best on the 2018 Selling Points Index

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