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A Complete Guide to House Raffles

There are some stressful situations we will all have to face in life. One that really tests people is selling a house. Selling a property can be difficult because there are so many factors which can affect a successful sale. Whilst many people assume that you have to sell your home using an estate agent, this simply isn’t true. Today there are many alternative options to choose from when selling your home.

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10 Steps to Stop you losing your home

A lot of people struggle with the cost of owning a home. Property provides one of the biggest financial burdens people face in their lifetime, with many people stretching themselves to be able to afford to put a roof over their heads. The cost doesn’t end when you get the keys either – indeed, this is just the ‘end of the beginning’, given the ongoing cost of paying a mortgage and footing the bill for any repairs required.

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The Handy House Selling Checklist : Your Complete Guide

Selling a house can be a daunting task, particularly for those who have never experienced the process before. It can be overwhelming to think about all the tasks that need to be done and when they need to be carried out.

Ultimate House Viewing Checklist

The Ultimate House Viewing Checklist

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an existing homeowner, buying a new property is an exciting milestone. It’s important to get the most out of a property viewing before you decide whether you want to proceed with making an offer.

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Property and Retirement: Your Complete Guide

Whilst retirement is often touted as a well-deserved rest at the end of a long working career – in reality, it can be quite a daunting prospect financially. Here, we show you how to prepare for your retirement by utilising your home.

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