Pedal to the Metal for WeBuyAnyHome

Lewis Hamilton was sweating when the WeBuyAnyHome team hit the track at Mini Grand Prix in Tower Bridge. South London was not ready for the 2 Fast 2 Furious antics our drivers when they took to their go-karts ready for the win.

At the end of every quarter members of the team come together to celebrate the success of the past 12 weeks and blow away the cobwebs for the coming months. Think team bonding without the lengthy stint at the local pub!

In typical macho style the men of the team all turned out to be petrol heads, burning some serious rubber as they raced around the track. However, the competitive nature soon peaked when one of the team – naming no names – was kicked off the track for not playing by the rules.

The women conducted themselves in a much more civil manner, with majestic cornering and some excellent observation. Despite this much more sedate affair from the women, one team member did manage to come a royal cropper and break her ankle when the track got the better of her. Never fear, she is well recovered!

To say bon voyage to Q2 the team will be heading to see the Only Fools and Horses – The Musical at the Theatre Royal.


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