New builds vs. heritage properties

Where should our confidence lie?

The new build has been having something of a moment in the UK. With new developments springing up in and around the capital, these purpose-built new homes have offered a solution to first-time buyers looking to make an investment.

However, a new study has revealed that the country has not built enough homes to match the rate of housebuilding and replacement. The Local Government Association has warned that a current new build will have to last 2,000 years to combat this.

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On the surface, this should not be a problem. However, LGA analysis has revealed that one in 10 new homebuyers are (I think this is still are because although ‘one’ is singular there is more than one dissatisfied homeowner here) dissatisfied with the quality of their new home. One in six went as far as to say that they would not recommend their housebuilder to a friend.

LGA also revealed that most local areas have more homes built before 1930 than new build properties: an insight into the age of most of England’s housing stock.Heritage buildings and new builds We Buy Any Home

The LGA is calling on councils to build a new generation of high quality homes that are both genuinely affordable and supported by adequate infrastructure.

An LGA housing spokesperson said:

“Our country’s failure to build enough homes over the past few decades is putting huge pressure on our existing housing stock.New Build Apartments United Kingdom We Buy Any Home

Families are having to spend more on rent or mortgages every month and deserve a decent home that is affordable. But as costs are rising, so is dissatisfaction with the standards of new homes.”

So what is the solution? The LGA has suggested that the answer lies with the government supporting local councils to ensure quality through the planning system and encouraging high standards in rented and owned properties.

It has also suggested that councils need to be able to borrow for the purpose of building new homes that are of a higher quality than what is currently available.Heritage properties We Buy Any Home New Builds

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