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How To Guides

Sell Your Flat Fast

The issue facing flat owners… If you are the owner of a flat and have been trying to sell your flat on the open market recently, you’ll most likely be aware that the flat market is facing a crisis. In response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, the government has implemented strict guidance on the material and maintenance of…

Selling Inherited Property

Sale of inherited home The passing of a loved one means dealing with a lot more than grief. In instances where a deceased person leaves behind inheritance, the beneficiary has to face the decision of what to do with it. An inherited property is something that you may have to deal with following the death of a relative or friend.…

Sell Your Own Property Online

Options to sell your own property online Selling a property is one of the most significant financial decisions most of us will ever make. These days, you do not necessarily need to use a traditional high-street agent to sell a property. There are many different options by which you can advertise and sell your property online. You can also choose…



Industry News

12th July 2021
UK Property Market Trends (2018-2021)
We look through our latest house sale enquiry data, revealing property sale trends over the pandemic and last four years…
3rd May 2021
Recession Housing Price Predictions
In periods of economic uncertainty house prices often fall as people hold off making large investments. But how far they…

Property Market

24th August 2021
Iconic Screen Homes: Which One Could You Afford?
Ever pictured yourself living in one of Bridgerton’s grand country estates? Could market trader Del Boy afford his Peckham flat…
10th June 2021
We Buy Any Home vs Property Auction
If you’re keen to sell your home quickly a property auction is one option to consider. However there are drawbacks…

Finances & Repossession

10th June 2021
Redundancy Appeal Process: How to Appeal
If you are made redundant but think the selection process was unfair, you can challenge the decision. Here we take…
10th June 2021
How Do I Borrow Against My House?
Your home is often your most valuable asset, which you can use as collateral to borrow money. Although this can…

Divorce & Property

23rd March 2021
Annulment Vs Divorce: What Are The Differences
There are two ways to end a marriage. The most common is divorce but in some circumstances you can end…
3rd December 2020
How Long Does A Divorce Take?
A simple divorce, that does not involve legal disputes, takes between four to six months from the initial application to…

Inheriting Property

8th February 2021
How To Avoid Probate
When somebody passes away the process of gathering together their assets, such as property and investments, distributing them fairly and…
8th July 2020
Best Way To Avoid Inheritance Tax On Property
Some estates are subject to inheritance tax (IHT) when they are passed on. This means that the total value of…