Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Adding home curb appeal

The front of your home is what all potential buyers initially see. It is the first image of the property advertisement they will see, and they will make decisions the minute they clap eyes on your home’s exterior when they turn up for viewing.  Whilst your refitted kitchen might look incredible and the landscaper did an excellent job with the back garden, potential buyers of your home will find it difficult to get past their gut reaction of their first sighting of your home from the curb. Don’t give potential buyers any chance to turn up their noses and carry out some easy tasks to ensure viewings are a success.

Paint your front door

Treating your front door to a lick of paint is an affordable way to give your home a quick facelift. Whilst black and white tend to be the more traditional colours for exterior doors, opting for a bold or fresh hue can give your home a completely new aura, as people often respond emotionally to colours. (Could mention here that blue is a particularly good colour as it’s generally associated with ‘calm’?)

Renew your furniture

Whilst you’re giving your front door some attention you could give it a complete revamp with a new letterbox, door handle, or door numbers. Now is also the time to replace your doorbell batteries if they aren’t working and give any window shutters a wipe down or a fresh lick of paint.

Outdoor lighting

If you have any outdoor lighting on the way up to or on your property, make sure all bulbs are working, particularly in the winter when you may have property viewings in the evenings. Some estate agents suggest installing security light fixtures if your property is detached or lining pathways with solar lights if you have a lengthy front garden.

Green-fingered maintenance

Whilst people coming to view your property aren’t expecting Capability Brown landscaped gardens, ensuring they are neat and tidy is a must. Rather than vast mature gardens, most people are searching for a garden that is easy to maintain, so creating a couple of new borders would be an attractive touch. Whether your garden is big or small, front or back, you can fill borders, boxes, pots or hanging baskets with some shrubbery and flowers to keep outside spaces looking loved.

Banish the bins

Whilst all homeowners have them, keep your rubbish bins out of sight for house viewings. Not only are they unsightly, sometimes they can smell awful, particularly in the summer months. Ask a neighbour to babysit them whilst you have viewings or hide them in the garage.

Clean your windows

Nothing is more welcoming than sparkling windows with the curtains pushed back. It is extremely inviting and will also let buyers see how much light the rooms of your house get once they are inside the property. Do it yourself or utilise the expertise of a local window cleaner for those hard-to-reach first and second-floor windows.

Don’t forget your neighbours

If you live in a terraced or semidetached property it doesn’t hurt to check that your neighbour’s property is neat and tidy. If you make them aware you are having property viewings they will likely remove any rubbish from outside their home or take you up on your offer to cut their hedge or weed their front garden. Whilst it can seem finickity, prospective buyers will immediately notice if the house next door is unkempt or messy and they may make assumptions that they are nuisance neighbours and not buy your home.

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