The 10 Best UK Cities for Employment Opportunities

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The 10 Best UK Cities for Employment Opportunities
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Q1 of 2018 presented a record-breaking high for the UK’s employment rate, coming in at a very healthy 75.7% and making it the world’s fourth best country for job prospects. Despite this positivity, many people are finding securing a job as difficult as ever.

Our Selling Points Index 2018 analysed seven key data sets for the top 26 cities across the UK. One ranking aspect of the index was the employment rate of those aged 16 to 64. So, if you’re planning on moving to benefit from a new employment climate, consider the locations below…

1st – Bristol 76.8%

Bristol was voted as one of the happiest places to work in and many people put it down to the vibrant and creative culture of the city. There is also a large number of independent businesses which attract those who are looking for employment outside of a corporate body.

2nd – Cambridge 75.9%

Say goodbye to lengthy and stuffy commutes! Many people living in Cambridge walk or cycle to work and benefit immensely from beautiful countryside right on their doorstep. Cambridge is also home to some huge companies including AstraZeneca, Raspberry Pi and Marshall Aerospace.

3rd – Plymouth 75.6%

Working life is at a slower pace in Plymouth but all the jobs still get done. People often come from London and other cities to escape their intense and fast paced roles. Who wouldn’t want to spend their lunch break down at the harbour or in one of the local green parks?

4th – Norwich 74.8%

Norwich is hailed as one of the safest cities in the UK due to low crime rates and this has attracted families in their droves over the years. For this reason, there are always job openings and newbies to the area do not find it hard to secure a new role.

5th – Brighton 74.7%

The seaside city of Brighton is a fantastic place for anybody with a creative flair; around 20% of jobs available fit into this niche. With over 1000 tech and digital companies, you won’t be hard pushed to find a job if you have experience in SEO, digital marketing, IT or web design.

6th – Portsmouth 73.9%

Given its title as a Royal Navy base, around 10% of Portsmouth’s workforce is employed by the dockyard alone. Many people also secure work at IBM’s European headquarters or within a retail capacity in the city centre.

6th – Southampton 73.9%

As Hampshire’s economic hub, Southampton has a healthy job market and is joint 6th place with Portsmouth. The port city employs around 12,000 people in the docks alone. Many residents of Southampton work on the luxury cruisers that frequent the harbour, such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean and P&O.

8th – London 73.8%

The UK’s capital, London has every possible job imaginable going. From positions in artisan cafes to high power roles at some of the world’s largest blue-chip corporations – the city has anything and everything to offer when it comes to job opportunities.

9th – Bath 73.5%

One of the most desirable places to live in the UK, Bath has fantastic schools and unparalleled architecture. The Georgian city is often referred to as ‘west west London’ as it boasts all the opportunities and experiences of the capital without the chaos and expensive properties.

10th – Derby 73.2%

Derby was named as one of the least stressful locations to move to in the UK. Whilst rush hour can be a bit boisterous, those who move to Derby do not find securing a job difficult. With the Peak District to the north, many Derby locals head to the countryside outside of work.

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