Cash House Buyers – Everything You Need to Know

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Cash House Buyers – Everything You Need to Know
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Selling your house the traditional way (through estate agents) can be very challenging and uncertain.

Sometimes, sellers need a faster, more certain option.

This is where cash house buyers come in.

Keep reading to learn about cash buyers, how they work, and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

What is a cash house buyer?

A cash buyer is a person or organization who purchases your property for cash.

They are often chain-free and do not need a mortgage to purchase a property because they already have the funds ready to use.

Cash house buyers vs estate agents

Cash house buyers and estate agents work in the same industry with different methods.

Estate agents are middlemen who introduce your property to buyers and take a commission for the sale.

They can’t guarantee a timeframe or even a sale, but when they are successful, the sale should be close to the property’s open market value.

By contrast, cash house buyers directly purchase properties with their own funds. This means that they can guarantee a sale and timeframe but can’t offer the full market value for a property.

Advantages of selling to a cash buyer

There are several main advantages of using a cash buyer, most of which depend on the seller’s circumstances.


Cash buyers are not reliant on anyone else to purchase your property. So they can buy your house more quickly than other channels (such as estate agents and auctions).

This is helpful in a range of situations.

For example, when buyers withdraw at the last moment, during divorces or when off loading inherited properties.

Range of properties it accepts

A cash buyer can purchase your house when it is unsuitable for the ‘open market’. Common examples of this include:

  • Derelict properties – e.g. a faulty structure, broken doors, or a hole in the roof
  • Sitting tenants in the property
  • Selling a flat with a very short lease
  • Inheriting a house that was constructed using an outdated method

Save on costs

Lastly, using a trustworthy cash buying company often enables you to avoid legal fees and an estate agent’s commission.

Disadvantages of selling to a cash buyer

Cash buyers typically offer at least 10% below the market value because they need to profit from the transaction.

Therefore, this method will result in a lower selling price for your house compared to using an estate agent on the open market.

Selling to a cash buyer also means you likely won’t meet someone who will one day move into the house.

After all, cash buyers often let the house out to a tenant or flip it for a profit later on.

Therefore, if you feel a strong emotional attachment to the home and want to meet the new owners, selling on the market may be better.

It is still entirely possible for a cash sale to fall through. If issues appear in the survey, they can change their mind, and you are, therefore, only partially guaranteed a sale.

Is a cash house buyer the same as a cash buying company?

In theory, an individual cash house buyer and a cash house buying company are similar.

After all, a cash buyer can purchase your property up-front without relying on a mortgage.

However, in practice, some nuanced differences may appear, including:


An individual might be looking for a single property for personal use (residence or investment property). A business will be focused on investment, resale, or rental purposes.

This means the former, unlike the latter, might be considering other properties instead of yours.


Individual cash buyers are typically slower due to fewer resources. Companies, by contrast, often have more resources and sophisticated processes that speed up sales.


More room for personalized negotiations and flexibility

Often more standardized with less room for personalization.


Personal funds, which might be limited and subject to verification.

Business funds, often readily available and pre-approved.


May involve more personal involvement and fewer standardized procedures.

More structured and professional; follows a set protocol.


Varies widely; may lack professional expertise in real estate

Usually more experienced in real estate transactions and property evaluation.

Are all cash buyers trustworthy?

No, not all cash buyers are trustworthy. They may tie you into restrictive agreements or mislead you about what they can offer on your house.

Do careful research to guarantee that they are a reliable person or organization. We have provided more guidance on this subject below.

How can I make sure my cash buyer is trustworthy?

The process of vetting cash house buyers should begin with your search for them. Check reviews from third-party websites before contacting any companies.

You should ask your cash buyer for proof of funds.

If they have nothing to hide, there should be no problem with them giving this to you, to settle your nerves.

If you are dealing with a cash buying company, make sure they have a strong online presence.

There should be many independent reviews describing what the company has been like to deal with in the past. They should also have a professional, in-depth website and a company house listing.

Ask your cash buyer to speak directly to past customers they have worked with. These people can reassure you (or not) about proceeding with the deal.

It is worth researching the reputation of the cash buyer or company in your local area, and getting recommendations from people you already know and trust.

Lastly, their offer and terms should be put into writing.

Do I need a conveyancer when selling to a cash buyer?

You are not legally required to use a conveyancer when selling for cash, but it is highly recommended.

Unless you have legal experience yourself, a conveyancer can ensure that no costly mistakes are made and that all laws are adhered to.

You would typically use a conveyancer when selling on the market to someone using a mortgage – so there is no reason why selling to a cash buyer should be any different.

With some trustworthy companies, such as WeBuyAnyHome, your legal fees will be covered as part of the deal. 

How quickly can a cash buyer purchase my home?

A trustworthy cash house buyer has all the funds needed to complete the purchase. If everyone moves efficiently, the deal can go through in as little as seven days.

This is significantly faster than selling on the open market, which typically takes around five or six months from start to finish.

Will I sign a contract when using a Cash House Buyer?

Most trustworthy cash buyers will ask you to sign a contract stating that you will sell your house for the agreed-upon price.

If the cash buyer’s offer changes—for example, once they receive the survey results—you should be free to walk away from the deal.

It is recommended that you get legal advice when selling your house.

Are cash buyers better than auction houses?

A cash house buyer may be better if you need the deal completed asap.

Cash buyers make this possible if you also want to plan your finances carefully and, therefore, need to know exactly how much money will be entering your bank account.

On the other hand, if you want a chain-free sale process but still want the possibility of different buyers competing against each other, auction house can be a helpful option.

You may be particularly inclined to follow this route if you have already received a cash offer from a reliable company but considered it unsatisfactory.

Whichever route you opt for, make sure you do careful research on whatever company you partner with.

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